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Linux device driver programming using Beaglebone Black, name of the course fundamental programming device drivers for Linux using WIN Beaglebone Black is . The course ahead for sweeping changes in the world of drivers for Linux is very convenient, because the instruction in the principles and the basics of kernel module Linux and Syntax of it. and also depict the storage theory, device drivers, and implement the code, it starts . Then you will get acquainted with the concepts of bus Platform, device Platform, Platform driver implementation, device tree, properties and syntax nodes .

Access to tree nodes, device drivers, etc., the sample storage device through the node tree, it. cover the tree and test it with u-boot, service, sync the kernel ( Mutex and Spinlocks ), the device model, Linux, etc., the file system, sysfs, and under the systems GPIO and pinctrl Linux, including other topics, this course will give you the go . It should be noted that some of the Tamarin the course, like testing GPIO and pinctrl., the tree nodes of the device and cover it to a range, need, who, in the course of winning the Beaglebone Black and accessories, along with it has been used .

What things to learn

Makefile manufacturing process and kernel renewable module ( LKM )
Concept and implementation of device tree
Kernel APIs for processing device tree nodes
Prototyping the device through its tree nodes
Application of mutex and spinlocks
GPIO and pinctrl Linux subsystems
And …

This training suits people who

Students, hobbyists and professionals who are eager to explore the programming of device drivers for Linux

Profile Linux device driver programming using Beaglebone Black 2020-10

Publisher: Udemy
Lecturer: FastBit Embedded Brain Academy, Kiran Nayak
Language: English
Training level : Beginner
Number of lessons: 150 lessons in 14 sections
Duration: 21h 54m

Head seasons Linux device driver programming using Beaglebone Black 2020-10

Linux device driver programming using Beaglebone Black


  • Students must be familiar with basic Linux command usage
  • Students must be familiar with ‘C’ programming language
  • OS Requirements : 32/64 bit Ubuntu 18.04+ LTS


Linux device driver programming using Beaglebone Black

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  • deepak sharma
    2020-11-06 00:43:47

    Thanks a lot For Sharing this course it will be very helpful for me.
    but last 2 topics are not there in zip
    1. Pin control subsystem of linux
    2. Linux Synchronization Services
    could you please update it please


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