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High Performance Coding with .NET Core and C# the name of a course from the website Udemy that will teach you how to start to write the program scalable and powerful NET Core. And ASP.NET Core in #C language please. Several years ago, Microsoft has decided to platform NET. Rebuild, and the result it leads to the construction of the abstract the greater Sunda Islands, and open source of framework NET. Namely, the NET Core. Was. In addition, the language C #is also that the most widely used programming language NET. It is during these years, considerable progress has been a lot of changes to Your has seen.

The goal of this course acquaint you with the changes and improvements in the performance of this technology can be. You learn and apply content taught in this course can Performance Programs NET Core. And #C to improve software quality Terry to create. Tutor course how to work with tools such as BenchmarkDotNet, MiniProfiler, Stackify Prefix, LTTng’s performance measurement software shows you with the newest features of the language C #and framework NET Core. The familiar does.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Familiarity with the NET Core. And ASP.NET Core
  • Use tools like BenchmarkDotNet, MiniProfiler, Stackify Prefix, LTTng
  • Work with framework Entity
  • Work with the Span<T> ArrayPool<T>
  • Making the software scalable

The characteristics of High Performance Coding with .NET Core and C# :

  • Language : English
  • Duration Time : 6 hours and 18 minutes
  • Number of courses: 38
  • Training level : Intermediate
  • Lecturer : Gergely Kalapos
  • File format : mp4

This course

38 lectures 06:18:41

Setting the Stage
4 lectures 26:36

Measure Performance During Development, Part 1
4 lectures 45:57

Measure Performance During Development Part 2
5 lectures 01:14:35

Make your Code Faster – General Tips for .NET Developers
6 lectures 55:43

C# 7 Performance
6 lectures 54:26

New Performance Related APIs
3 lectures 25:01

Data Access Performance: Entity Framework Core
3 lectures 34:30

.NET Core Specific Performance Tools and Configurations
3 lectures 26:58

Performance Monitoring in Production for .NET Core
4 lectures 34:54

Prerequisite course

  • You should have some experience with the .NET framework
  • You already created at least 1 application either with .NET Core or with the .NET Classic framework
  • A little bit of .NET Core experience helps, but if you have solid a solid .NET Classic background, then it’s also fine


High Performance Coding with .NET Core and C#

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