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Postman: The Complete Guide – REST testing API is a comprehensive Postman platform training course for testing APIs plus automation with Newman, Jenkins or any other continuous integration tools . Nowadays, RESTful API ( or refer to the REST API., the application programming interface applications ) everywhere used to … but at the same time, the interfaces are compared to what is in ابندا were have become more sophisticated . Methods HTTP different, the headers, etc. cookies, manage uploaded files, or authentication with API keys, etc. tokens and OAuth is only part of the related topics API in modern web development are . Due to the expansion and complexity of the above APIs, then it is before the time and expense to write the code to get the necessary data from the API desired spend, then the API about test put up to make sure everything is as it should be going .

Postman makes it possible to quickly send an HTTP request to the desired API, with the necessary methodology and parameters and get its response to ensure its proper functioning . The platform is also suitable for API development, and you can help check if your build API is working properly . In this course, since familiarity with the features and features of the Postman, and how to write test API, in it, with the integration tests on a server continuous integration also will be familiar so that you can Operation, test automatically and regularly . Familiarity with the different mechanisms the authentication and acquisition of access like Basic Auth., the API keys, or OAuth, etc. organizing tests and share them with team members and run the tests on the server Jenkins of the other topics of the course are .

What things to learn

Create GET POST PUT and DELETE requests
Understand the difference between POST and GET methods
Work with real APIs like GitHub API and Trello
JavaScript basics for writing postman tests
Use data contained in CSV and JSON files
Use Postman variables to build different scenarios
And …

This training suits people who

This course is designed for testing engineers and software developers .

Profile Postman: The Complete Guide – REST testing API

Publisher: Udemy
Lecturer: Valentin Despa, Valentin Despa (Support)
Language: English
Training level : preliminary to advanced
Number of lessons: 137 lessons in 19 sections
Duration: 13h 54m

Head seasons

Postman The Complete Guide REST API Testing


  • Basic programming and/or JavaScript knowledge is required (needed for writing tests)
  • Basic HTTP knowledge required (address, message body, headers, cookies, …)
  • Basic knowledge about RESTful APIs and JSON
  • Basic Jenkins experience, if an integration with Jenkins is desired
  • Basic NodeJS/NPM experience (needed for test automation)
  • Optional – Basic Docker experience (for Jenkins or Newman)
  • A computer with Windows, macOS or Linux is required for viewing the lectures and installing Postman. Using a mobile phone/tablet is not recommended.
  • Registering to a few reputable public APIs is required for you to be able to follow along with the course


Postman The Complete Guide REST API Testing

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