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Clean Code is a course of learning how to code legible and understandable for example . All developers are able to write a code that works properly ; but the clean code differs from the code that works solely . In this course, you will get acquainted with the correct definition and importance of clean code, and more importantly, the ability to code with its principles . The acquisition of this skill is of great importance, because the code is clean and legible and written. ability to read and understand, and thus edit, upgrade, and fix its problems, especially when on a team project you’re working on, etc. will be much easier . This course uses Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript for example, but there is no need to master them, and only these languages have been used to teach concepts .

This course covers a variety of topics . Including these topics can be how to name this correctly, like naming variables, etc. classes, etc. functions, etc., Comment, Share! Comment useful that it is better in the code, and fall and avoid Comment, Share, irregular, etc. functions and how to limit the number of parameters to it. avoid the complexity of functions by writing them to the event that only one job to do, respect the principle of DRY in writing functions to avoid side effects, unwanted, etc. abstain from the structure of the control is very nested, etc. Error management as an alternative to the provisions of the if., the difference between the objects and the structure of the data and coherence, and short classes cited . The course also taught SOLID principles and combines common patterns, best approaches, principles, rules and ideas that are related to code writing .

What things to learn

How to code in such a way that is legible and understandable
Keep code alive by increasing the possibility of keeping and editing using clean coding
Learn key principles rules scales and ideas in clean coding
Learn using functional examples and convert unordered code to clean code

This training suits people who

Developers who want to ensure the readability and understandability and editing of their code
Everyone who cares about real development and coding

Profile Clean Code

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor : Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Language: English
Training level: Medium
Number of lessons : 94 lessons in 8 sections
Duration: 6h 41m

Head seasons

Clean Code


  • Basic programming knowledge (no matter which language) is required
  • NO prior experience on the topic of clean code is required
  • You DON’T need to know a specific programming language or paradigm


Clean Code

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