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EZ-FRISK software, which is by engineers and seismologists to perform risk analysis, earthquake can be used. EZ-FRISK allows you to analyze the seismic to the speed setting, run, and visualize, because the software has a user interface integrated and intuitive to the mobile database of the characteristics of the fault, and an earthquake, the equations reduce land and dynamic characteristics of wide territory.

With the use of this software, need to rely on the maps published, and also the tools, engineering, line, Command, data entry tedious and error-prone, etc., convert the file and create the chart manually, not. Instead, can the expertise and judgment of your focused. Because the software EZ-FRISK you set effective and integrated tools from the analysis of the seismic that is functional and easy yet powerful and flexible they are. will.

Specs and features of the software EZ-FRISK :

Analysis of seismic risk

Calculate the probability of earthquakes in the surface or substrate below a location based on the position گسلهای around.

Matching spectral

Set up an accelerometer to match the range of responses to the target, while maintaining the particularity of time-dependent motion of the Earth.

Analysis of the reaction locations

Calculate the ground motion at the surface due to the motion of the Earth in the seabed and the layers of soil and rock that the boulders in place fall.

With this set of features can do to speed up the movements of the land for the purposes of engineering design. Also able of algorithms advanced earthquake analysis and statistical used to show the level of optimal safety use.

System requirements

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10

4 GB RAM for multitasking

32 bit color capability

1024 x 768 or better screen resolution

Pentium quad core, 2MHz or better processor


EZ-FRISK screenshot

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