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The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course is one of the top courses network to receive a degree, CCNA Cisco, is. The same who are reading this page you are, i.e. from the network you use. Nowadays, a network of almost all aspects of our lives that has been affected. From network inside your home-up, intranet, and the largest of the network of public internet – based protocols., the connective and the rules and standards of several are quotes and data transfer are. If you can live without multimedia, etc. Instagram, YouTube, Google, WhatsApp , and virtual communication will imagine?

Networks without equipment like routers and … switches, etc. cables, and protocols, there is external do not. But the use of this equipment, language, them, performance, etc. place them in the network topology, all to the knowledge network needs. In this course all the topics required for obtaining a specialized degree CCNA is offered. In this course you basics, network architecture, it, etc. familiarity with different layers of OSI, different equipment, including switches, routers, network cards, etc. hubs, and they differ with each other, the mechanism of sending and receiving data over the network, address, this IP, types, topology, etc. the basics of Ethernet, etc. protocols, TCP and UDP, etc. the naming of the grid, SDN, etc., routing and many other issues will be familiar. At the end of the period you are totally the concepts of the network and the configuration of the equipment associated with it, you’ll be able to.

The content of the training course The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course

  • Provide all content needed to get the degree, CCNA
  • Training topics the base network, and how to set up a simple network LAN
  • Outlines the performance of network equipment like router, switches, hubs, etc.
  • Method of addressing by using DHCP
  • Outlines the performance of the ACL
  • Understanding IP Addressing and subnetting
  • Review the full OSI model
  • The introduction of the breakdown of the name using DNS
  • The introduction of OpenFlow and software related to networking

The characteristics of The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course

  • Language : English
  • Duration Time :79h 59m
  • Number of courses: 685
  • Instructor : David Bombal
  • File format : Video: h264, 1280*720 | Audio: AAC 44 KHz 2ch
  • Playback in : Windows, Mobile, TV

The full list of headings and titles, educational

The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA start


There are no specific prerequisites, as the course covers all the topics in detail.
Basic understanding of computers (connect to the Internet), Excel

Images of The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course

The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA start

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Subtitles: English

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Version 2019/10 compared to 2019/4 a total of 166 classroom and 10 hours is added.

Version 2020/3 compared to the 2019/10 number 89 lesson and about 4 hours have dropped. About 7.5 GB, it increased.

Version 2020/3/25 compared to the version 2020/3 number of 77 lessons and 18.5 hours increased.

Version 2020/5 compared to 2020/3/25 number of 3 classroom and about 1 hour rising time.

Version 2020/7 compared to 2020/5 about 1 minute have dropped. From this update, education was free.

Version 2020/8 compared to 2020/7 the number of 1 lesson and 2 minutes increased.

Version 2020/12 compared to 2020/8 about 1 minute have dropped.

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