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SQL and PostgreSQL: The Complete developer’s Guide is a comprehensive SQL language training course and PostgreSQL database management system . Nowadays, all applications, from web applications and vmvyabel to a simple HTML page, need to store information in the database . Despite the numerous databases available, PostgreSQL has become the number one choice for developers due to its high efficiency, uninterrupted functionality and flexible design . During this period, even if you do not have any knowledge of the database, you will become its expert ! The course With provide an overview of the SQL language, that to interact with PostgreSQL is needed started, and then whatever for storage and get the data, the design of the structure, and tables for effective and optimized jQuery is necessary education is given .

In this course, you will be familiar with different types of data and how to deal with them and build a proportional database for each of them . Numerous examples and tests that are included throughout this course are very effective in understanding and learning its subjects . Among the topics this course can be used to learn the template design of the database, apply the commands of the powerful, SQL for the storage, update and get information. making connections between records, etc. familiarity with different type of data PostgreSQL and the application of them. receive reports from the trade data, etc. split the database into schema for access and maintenance easier, they and Data Validation using the rules noted . In addition to the aforementioned functional topics, you will also be familiar with how PostgreSQL works and how raw data is processed by it .

What things to learn

Learn and apply multiple database design patterns
Optimization of queries
Familiarity with the internal function of PostgreSQL
Connecting PostgreSQL to front-end applications using the API
Managing complex concurrency problems
Progress of database design using schema (schema )
And …

This training suits people who

App developers looking to learn database
App engineers looking to expand their backend skills

Profile SQL and PostgreSQL: The Complete developer’s Guide

Publisher: Udemy
Lecturer: Stephen Grider
Language: English
Training level : Beginner
Number of lessons: 287 lessons in 36 sections
Duration: 22h 12m

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SQL and PostgreSQL The Complete Developer's Guide


  • A Mac, PC, or Linux-based Computer


SQL and PostgreSQL The Complete Developer's Guide

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