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Exploring The go (golang) Programming Language is the course of teaching and exploring the go or golang programming language . Developed by Google, this language is one of the world\\\’s fastest growing and high-income languages . The popularity of this language is rooted in its design by the elites, and the next step is the evolution of programming languages . Mastering Go increases your power and efficiency as a programmer . The course, the knowledge to progress the skills of your programming in this language is required to gives, and to be quite functional and usable, along with exercises and solutions different design . In addition, you will also acquire skills in the field of web architecture, git, curl, interfaces, content, error management and escape analysis .

During this tutorial, you will learn a variety of topics . Mastering the skills of the average git, and how to version categories base code in it. earn the ability to use curl to request web. explore the basics of software architecture and the web. conceptual understanding, REST, etc., SPA., the MVC, and container data, understanding the difference between monoliths and micro-services, the use of the interface for the abstract storage code and the separation dependence of the data. familiar with the contract, dildo, rate code, etc. strengthen your skill with design, tests, etc. strengthen the writing skills of the the code robust ( ability to manage the error ) With the use of the capabilities of the error noticed in the Go and the full recognition of the heap, and. stack and escape analysis, including the topics of the training are . It should be noted that to start this course, acquaintance with the Go language and having basic Git skills is required .

What things to learn

Strengthen your skills in programming with Go language
Learn the basics of web architecture, content and error management
Full understanding of the nuances between interfaces methodologies and escape analysis
Strengthen the skill of using Git and acquire the skill of using curl
Learn beginner to advanced concepts
And …

This training suits people who

Everyone who tends to build and strengthen their programming skills in the Go language

Profile Exploring The go (golang) Programming Language

Publisher: Udemy
Lecturer : Todd McLeod, Daniel Hoffmann
Language: English
Training level: Medium
Number of lessons: 111 lessons in 18 sections
Duration: 13h 36m

Head seasons

Exploring The Go golang Programming Language


  • Prerequisite knowledge recommended for this course: familiarity with Google\\\’s Go (golang) programming language, and basic skills with git


Exploring The Go golang Programming Language

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