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Composite material In a simple definition, a material is composed of a combination of two or more separate materials. In the Autodesk Simulation suite , the task of simulating and analyzing these materials is carried out by two Autodesk Helius PFA softwares Autodesk Simulation Composite Analysis and Autodesk Helius Composite formerly called Autodesk Simulation Composite Design. These two are possible.

Features and Features of Autodesk Helius PFA or Autodesk Simulation Composite Analysis software :

– Possibility of adding composite material simulation to FEA and to obtain a comprehensive analysis

– Has a complete library of all types of materials

– Simulation of composite layering and displacement between matrix and reinforcing or filling fibers

– Predicting and determining the material’s lifetime by static loading

– Full synchronization with current analytics software such as Abaqus, ANSYS and MSC Nastran


Features and Features of Autodesk Helius Composite or Autodesk Simulation Composite Design Software :

– Has a variety of advanced tools for precise design of composite materials

– Simple structural analysis with precise solutions for bending, vibration, compressive stability, etc.

– Has a large library of materials such as fibers, resins, nuclear materials, etc.

– Advanced module slab analysis


Autodesk Helius Collection Tips :

– As is clear from this release, the software has been renamed.

– With the exception of the 32-bit Autodesk Helius Composite software, all Simulation suite software is provided only in 64-bit editing.

– Autodesk software is often released in two original file formats from the Autodesk site – known as sfx – and also in ISO format. The ISO version is no different from the original version, and the files are just extracted and embedded with the activator. Due to the higher volume of the ISO version and some problems with installation and etc, the sfx version is replaced.

– Usually the activator of the Autodesk software suite is released as a public crack by the XFORCE Group, and so on.

required system

Autodesk Simulation Composite Analysis

: Platform System Requirements

Windows 7 (64-bit): Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate

Windows 8 (64-bit): Windows 8, Pro, Enterprise

(SLES 11 (64-bit))

(RHEL 5, 6 (64-bit.)

Abaqus 6.11, 6.12, 6.13

(ANSYS 14.0, 14.5, 15.0 (not supported on SLES and RHEL)

(MSC Nastran 2013 SOL400 (supports SLES and RHEL, but not clusters)

: Minimum System Requirements

64bit processor

Windows 7 or higher, SLES 11 or higher, RHEL 5 or higher

700MB of free hard disk space

(Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 (For Windows platforms only

Abaqus 6.11 or higher

ANSYS 14.0 or higher

MSC Nastran 2013 or later

Autodesk Simulation Composite Design

: Platform System Requirements

Windows XP: Home, Professional

Windows Vista: Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate

Windows 7: Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate

Windows 8: Basic, Pro, Enterprise

: Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP or later

Intel Pentium 4 (800 MHz or faster) or later

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0

500MB available hard drive space or higher

256MB of available RAM or higher

1024 × 768 monitor resolution or higher


Autodesk Helius PFA

Installation guide

First execute the sfx executable file to extract the mounted files to a folder. Click Install after installation; on the License Type page and in the License Type section the default option is Stand-Anlone. Use the serials in the text file for the Product Information section

Also in the Product Key section of the serial in the text file then complete the installation. Disconnect from the Internet and run the application. After displaying the Autodesk Licensing window, click Activate and in the next step, select Request an activation code using an offline method and continue and run the program again. Run the Keygen file in the Crack folder with Run as administrator and click on Patch. Then enter the serial given in the Request Code section at the corresponding location in Keygen and click Generate. In the license window, select I have an activation code from Autodesk and paste the code given in the Activation section by clicking on Section 1, and click OK. If you receive an error message, click Patch again.

download link

Download Autodesk Helius PFA 2021.1 x64

Autodesk Helius PFA 2019 x64

Download part 1 – 1 GB

Download part 2 – 793 MB

File password (s):


577 MB

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