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CarSim is a commercial software package that predicts the performance of vehicles in response to driver control (steering, throttle, brake, clutch and transmission) in a given environment (road geometry, friction coefficients, wind). CarSim is produced and distributed by an American company. This software is used by over 30 car manufacturers (General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc.), over 60 suppliers and over 150 research laboratories and universities. Mathematical models are created by a multi-body generator called VehicleSim (originally called AutoSim) developed by one of the founders at UMTRI. CarSim provides tools for automotive dynamics analysis, active control development, computation of vehicle performance features and next-generation active safety systems engineering.

Features and Features of CarSim Software:

  • Working as a standalone software: No need for any other software to simulate.
  • It has a standard interface to MATLAB / Simulink
  • Build complex scenarios and test event sequences
  • Has an intuitive interface and powerful analytics tools
  • Support for interactive automotive and traffic sensors for V2V and ADAS development
  • Includes numerous examples of vehicles, roads and ways to help first-time users
  • Includes 1900 pages of documentation and covers all aspects of the software
  • Includes an example set for 20 types of vehicles (about 80 species in total), used for about 200 simulation examples
  • Affordable compared to other automotive dynamics software

required system




Installation guide

Version 2017.1:

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder. (In the crack steps, be sure to download the MSCLIC_SSQ.dat file separately from the placed FiX License, copy both MSCLIC_SSQ.dat and madlic_SSQ.dat files preferably to the root of drive C, and environment variables in the System environment section enter variables)

Selectable program licenses are visible in the images. This version also includes electric / hybrid-electric powertrains.

The 2017 version was installed and successfully activated on April 20, 1400.

Version 2016.1:

Available in Readme.txt file.

CarSim 2016.1 software was successfully installed and cracked on October 30, 2015 & TruckSim 2016.1 on December 26, 2021 in Windows 10 64-bit editing. Before installing CarSim 2016.1 you need to install LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 2015 – 64-bit with download link.

download link

Mechanical Simulation CarSim 2017.1 x86-x64

Download part 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 119 MB

Download CarSim 2017.1 License FiX

Download CarSim 2016.1

Download LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 2015 64-bit

Download TruckSim 2016.1

Download CarSim 8.1

Download BikeSim 2.0

Download SuspensionSim 5.04b x86

File password (s):


748 MB

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