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Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) gPROMS is a platform for predictive modeling for industrial processes. Its main application is in model-based engineering activities to develop design and optimization of processes and equipment.

The gPROMS family of products are widely used in industrial processes around the world, in many areas of application across all process sectors. He is also teaching at more than 200 academic centers around the world.

Features and features of Process Systems Enterprise gPROMS:

  • Multi-Scale Model Support – For example, it is possible to build a reactor with different phenomena in mind
  • Multilevel modeling capabilities that help develop and implement different models.
  • Custom design capability that allows development, expansion and maintenance of models.
  • Ability to apply models in a complete process
  • Estimation of equipment and parameters to be tested or executed with estimates of required data
  • Static and dynamic modeling in a similar environment
  • Ability to perform different activities using similar models
  • Supports minimal data usage to run

required system

OS: Windows XP, Windosw Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


gPROMS ModelBuilder

Installation guide

Version 4.2 ModelBuilder and ProcessBuilder:

Listed in Readme.txt file.

Version 4:

Start the software by running the file and in the Setup License Manager step use the Remote License Server option and then enter the following server:

12345 @ localhost

Once installation is complete, copy and paste the gPROMS-core_4.0.0.54901 folder in the Crack folder as edited by the operating system in the following default directions:

Windows 32bit: C: Program Files PSE

Windows 64bit: C: Program Files (x86) PSE

Now run and install the FLEXlm-PSE_v11.12.0.0.exe file, uncheck the last step, or close it after running the license tool.

Copy and paste the contents of the FLEXlm folder in the Crack folder into the following default paths:

Windows 32bit: C: Program Files FLEXlm bin

Windows 64bit: C: Program Files (x86) FLEXlm bin

Run the License_setup.bat file you copied in the previous step. (No need to run with Run as administrator)

If the program does not run, do the following:

Search and execute the Command Promt environment (CMD) from the Start menu and enter the following command according to your Windows edit:

Windows 32bit: cd C: Program Files FLEXlm bin

Windows 64bit: cd C: Program Files (x86) FLEXlm bin

Finally, enter the following command and Allow if the permissions window appears and run the software without having to close the page.

lmgrd -z -c license.dat

Version 4 on March 21, 2015 & ModelBuilder 4.20 Plus ProcessBuilder 1.0 Beta 4 on October 25, 2021 has been installed and successfully activated on Windows 10 64 bit .

download link

Download Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) gPROMS_ModelBuilder 4.20 x86

Download Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) gPROMS_ProcessBuilder 1.0 Beta 4 x86

Download PSE gPROMS ModelBuilder 4.20 ProcessBuilder 1.0 Beta 4 New License

Download Process_Systems Enterprise gPROMS_4.00

File password (s):


198/192 MB

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