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Power GEOPAK is a Bentley product for 3D design, analysis and simulation of road transport routes. With the facilities that GEOPAK provides you will be able to design, analyze and simulate a variety of roads, highways, side paths, highways and more. This program guarantees the quality of design and reduces production time, and relies on new engineering techniques and 3D modeling and related technologies to enhance the quality of the final work and give engineers a better perspective of the final design to be implemented. . This unique product will definitely be one of the top choices of road and civil engineers.

Features and features of Power GEOPAK software:

  • Visual design of high-precision and high-quality roads, streets and roads
  • Work with a variety of Surface Assessment data including ASCII, GPS, LiDAR, Photometric and…
  • Create profiles and intersections anywhere in the design
  • Immediate display of design changes
  • Ability to build a road based on GIS data and analyze and visualize this data
  • Ability to build a variety of roads and streets at different levels of complexity
  • Build a variety of paper and digital reports such as paper plots, PDFs or 3D physical replicas
  • Ability to record different parts of the design
  • Ability to combine topological and aerial imagery to make real and accurate road maps
  • Complete design, modeling and analysis of municipal wastewater systems
  • Ability to reuse designs made in new projects
  • Interesting ability to simulate the movement of vehicles with low and definable bags on the roads and routes designed
  • And …

System Requirement GEOPAK

OS Platform:
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later), Windows XP Professional x64, Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 1 or later), and Windows Server 2003 x64 (Service Pack 1 or later).

Software Prerequisites:
Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 (Installer will attempt to download and install this prerequisite if it is not present during installation.)

As per the minimum operating system requirements

As per minimum operating system requirements (1GB or more is recommended for large networks, or to work on multiple files simultaneously)

1024 MB of free storage space, with additional room for data files

1024 x 768 resolution, 256 colors (or better)



Installation guide

See the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download Bentley GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite V8i v08.11.09.903

Bentley Power GEOPAK V8i SS4

Download part 1 – 1 GB

Download part 2 – 592 MB

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