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Easy5 is specialized software for simulating control systems graphically. The program can design a variety of control, hydraulic (including thermal effects), pneumatic, gas, thermal, electrical, mechanical, environmental control systems, refueling systems and simulation of discrete-time behaviors on sampled data. Aerospace, automotive, farm equipment, and other complex industrial systems require a holistic engineering approach or system that focuses not only on details and subsystems but also on designing and testing the entire system. The common methodologies of manufacturing and testing equipment are old, time consuming and expensive. Nowadays, more than ever, different industries are challenged, so we need a new solution to reduce complexity, ease of product testing, increase innovation and reduce costs and time.

One good solution in this area is MSC EASY5 software that fulfills the above expectations to a great extent. Dynamic systems, ie those systems whose behavior is a function of time, are usually defined by first-order differential equations. Easy5 makes it easy to build and analyze such systems with the power of graphical schemas. It provides a complete set of pre-made components for designing and fabricating components, making it easy to assemble and simulate such systems. System engineers in a graphical environment can communicate between different components and easily integrate different components using hierarchical modeling.

Easy5 software features and features:

  • Thermal Hydraulics: Power Transmission Systems, Anti-lock Brakes, Fuel Injection Systems, Active Suspensions, Psychoanalysis Systems
  • Gas dynamics: pneumatic, propulsion, air and steam cycles, high pressure gas, gas transfer, gas phase reactions, air conditioners, multiple gas systems
  • Multiphase Fluids: Refrigerator, Air Conditioning, Freezer Pipe Networks, Steam / Water Systems
  • Fuel cells: stationary or mobile
  • Electrical systems: AC / DC devices, power electronics, batteries, flight control systems including all kinds of digital filters
  • Hardware and software control systems (data sampling, asynchronous communication, analog and digital electronic filters)
  • And …

required system  

Platform and operating system requirements
MSC.EASY5 runs on all major UNIX workstations and
Pentium-based PCs running Windows ®


Msc Easy5

Msc Easy5

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder inside the ISO file.

Version 2020 was installed on Windows 10, 64-bit version on July 26, 2021, and – as shown in the picture – was successfully activated.

download link

Download MSC Easy5 2020 x64

File password (s):


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    2021-07-24 4:38 pm
    Safari 14 Safari 14 Mac OS X 10.15 Mac OS X 10.15
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    The license file method does not work can you pls check

    • Firefox 90 Firefox 90 Windows 10 Windows 10
      About: Old Version

      Tested. There is an error while license installation but all features all active screenshot added


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