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PowerShell Studio is one of the top editors and tools available for PowerShell Windows. What is PowerShell? Probably all of you are familiar with the CMD command and Windows Command Prompt environment, this tool from the early days of Windows NT has been and still is a long-standing syntax similar to the Windows graphical operating system DOS, and can be limited to what we do. Graphically we do it through windows windows. Microsoft soon realized that the Windows environment needed a much more powerful terminal, which led to PowerShell’s conclusion.

Many administrators need such an environment to do their job. An environment similar to the Linux operating system shell. PowerShell is inherently object-oriented, you can write PowerShell scripts in C #. PowerShell does things that CMDs can’t do or they can be very difficult to do in cmd. In a nutshell, PowerShell is a new .NET-based language and platform that allows administrators and business users to automate any kind of work in Windows.


For example, installing Windows Store applications via appx files, called sideloading, is impossible due to the complex nature of Windows Store applications via cmd, but in PowerShell you can easily do so with a few lines of code. PowerShell uses variables, objects, and other high-level elements. PowerShell uses pipelines, meaning the output of one command may be the input of another. Here we can use all kinds of goto loops, conditions and commands, but we cannot use cmd.

You can also write PowerShell scripts on the Net Pad, but because of the many instructions in this scripting language there are many tools available that make it easy for us to write these scripts, Windows itself has a graphical interface called windows powershell that Doing basic chores and training with PowerShell can be helpful.

And now:

But other advanced tools have been introduced that extend beyond Windows and add a whole lot of new functionality. One of the most powerful of these tools is PowerShell Studio software. This software provides you with features that make it easier to write PowerShell scripts than ever before. There are visual tools that can produce many scripts graphically. You can convert the scripts you want to Exe executable files.

For more sophisticated scripts you can create mounted msi files. Here’s a sophisticated debugger that can identify and fix errors in scripts. Other advantages of this program are the formatting of syntax and color coding, the comprehensive guide, the ability to monitor the performance and memory usage of scripts and the simple graphical interface. We recommend that if you want to work with PowerShell professionally, especially if you have previous PowerShell scripting experience, choose PowerShell Studio to continue working, you will be amazed at its many features.

System Requirement

  • Windows Server 2016 / 2019 or Windows 10, 64-bit versions supported
  • 400MB free disk space
  • 2GB RAM
  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • .Net 5 for PowerShell 7
  • Visual Studio 2015-2019 Runtime


PowerShell Studio Screenshot

Download Links

Download PowerShell Studio 2022 v5.8.209 x64

Download PowerShell Studio 2021 v5.8.196 x64

Download PowerShell Studio 2019 v5.6.160 x64

Download PowerShell Studio 2018 v5.5.152 x86

Download PowerShell Studio 2018 v5.5.152 x64

Download PowerShell Studio 2018 Keygen

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32-bit version: 104 MB

64-bit version: 711 MB

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