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Complete neural signal processing and analysis: Zero to hero, the period of the comprehensive education processing and analysis of neural signals, etc. along with data analysis and statistics in Matlab it is . The human brain generates electrical signals that can be measured using electrodes . These electrical signals, in the true sense, are very complex because the brain is very complex . But learning how to analyze these electrical signals is amazing and fantastic . Analysis of these signals is a way to learn signal processing, image storage data, analysis, spectral, etc. analysis of synchronization ( or connection ) and also Statistics ( specifically statistics, based on permutations ) .

This course includes thousands of exercises, a set of issues and challenges for Matlab software, as well as doing all of them, the educational content of the course reaches about 100 hours . This period without the need for any previous knowledge in the field of neuroscience or biology and also science, signal processing, etc. of mathematics and statistics is designed to … though that dominate the foreground, like these threads, certainly, to learn what will help better . This period, but to mastering the skill of basic language, Matlab, such as variable, data. ring for, and draw graphs, the base is poor, and if no acquaintance previous with this language, you don’t have to. it is necessary that the period of acquaintance with the language before entering this training during the .

What things to learn

Signal processing
Time series data analysis
Nonparametric statistics
Neuroscience (Brain Science )
Spectral analysis application
Applied math

This training suits people who

Everyone who is interested in the application of signal processing
Enthusiasts of nonparametric statistics
Neuroscience students
Anyone who wants to get acquainted with The Shape of electrical signals in the brain

Profile Complete neural signal processing and analysis: Zero to hero

Publisher: Udemy
Lecturer: Mike X Cohen
Language: English
Training level: from preliminary to advanced
Number of lessons : 233 lessons in 14 sections
Duration: 46h 54m

Head seasons

Complete neural signal processing and analysis Zero to hero


  • Basic MATLAB knowledge
  • Access to MATLAB or Octave


Complete neural signal processing and analysis Zero to hero

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