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Cyberfox is a simple, fast and secure browser based on the popular Mozilla Firefox browser. This browser has many options to customize different parts. This browser is optimized for Intel and AMD processors and will work on this processor architecture for maximum performance. It brings together most of the functionality of popular browsers at once. Cyberfax has a great ability to block pop-up ads. It has different styles, it is possible to sync browser information on different devices. So you can access all your bookmarks, visit history, passwords and other information from any system.

Since this browser is based on Firefox, so you can use all Firefox extensions here. One of the benefits of this browser is that it has new features in addition to having important Firefox features. Many of the features of Firefox related to gathering information have also been removed so you can safely surf the web. It offers both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 32-bit version of the program runs on 64-bit systems as well, but if your Windows is 64-bit, we recommend installing the 64-bit version to get maximum performance.

Features and Features of Cyberfox:

  • Nice appearance with more customization features than Firefox
  • Designed based on the Firefox browser core
  • Has higher power and speed in rendering pages
  • Various options for customizing the app
  • High security and the ability to set different options
  • Optimized for Intel and amd processors in both 32- and 64-bit architectures
  • Remove Firefox Information Collection Sections
  • And …

required system  


Windows 7/7 SP1 OS x86 | x64
Windows 8 / 8.x OS x86 | x64
Windows 10 OS x86 | x64
Windows Vista (Unsupported)
Windows XP (Unsupported)

CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz + | AMD 2400xp + or newer processor that supports SSE2 / Newer instruction sets.
Memory: 1GB + of RAM on x86 OS | 4GB + of RAM on x64 OS
Graphics: DirectX9 and 3D capable with 512MB + of VRAM
Disk Space: 100MB of hard drive space.
Note: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.1 or higher is required for the Update Manager to work and function correctly.



Installation guide

This is freeware.

download link

Download Cyberfox_52.9.1_Intel_x86

Download Cyberfox_52.9.1_Intel_x64

File password (s):


80 MB

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