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OpendTect is a seismic interpretation software system for the processing, visualization and interpretation of multi-volume seismic data and the development of creative interpretive tools. OpendTect is an open source seismic interpretation package that is widely used in the industry. OpendTect includes all the tools needed for two-dimensional or three-dimensional seismic interpretation: two-dimensional and three-dimensional before and after the stack, two-dimensional and three-dimensional visualization, horizons and fault detectors, feature analysis, and Intersections, spectral decomposition, depth conversion and more. An advanced and unique seismic interpretation workflow is possible using a closed source plugin that is available to all universities at no cost. This workflow includes strategy-oriented interpretation, analysis, route analysis, fluid contact determination, definitive and random rotation, and so on.

Features and Features of OpendTect:

  • PetrelDirect Bilateral direct link to Petrel
  • Thalweg Tracker is a unique seismic tracker for channel separation and other sedimentary features.
  • PDF3D is a tool for recording scenes in OpendTect and saving it as an interactive PDF for sharing with others.
  • Basemap interactively fills a three-dimensional scene, to launch a two-dimensional viewer and to produce maps.

required system  

– Windows (7/8 / 8.1 / 10)
– Intel / AMD processor, preferably 64 bits
– 8 GB of RAM (16-32 GB recommended)
– nVidia (eg GeForce 5x-10x series) graphics cards; AMD may work (eg Radeon 6xxx and 7xxx series)
– Up-to-date OpenGL drivers.



Installation guide

Install the program (installation of plugins is optional). After installation, copy and replace the entire contents of the OpendTect folder in the patch folder at the software installation location. Then run the auto_addfwrs.bat file copied to the software installation path. When done, go to path 6.2.0binwin64lm.dgb and run the lmtools program; In the Config Service tab, select the service name equal to dgb and for the lmgrd, license and log values, select the corresponding files in the same folder. Tick ​​2 Select Use Service and Start Server at Power-Up and click Save. Then go to the Start / Stop / Reread tab and click on Start Server. Repeat these steps according to the Readme description for arkcls and sitfal (note that for each, select the corresponding files that are in your folder) .. Note that when using the program may be a message If you do not have a license, just close it. The app is ready to use.

download link

Download dGB_Earth_Sciences_OpendTect_6.2.1_x64

File password (s):


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