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WPViewPDF is a control for displaying and printing PDF files in Delphi languages ​​as well as .NET platforms. This control has the power to display PDF documents. Simply paste it into the form in your application and add the pdf files to your program with the correct set of properties and a little coding without the slightest error. This control is used as a VCL component in Delphi and is also available in .NET environment as ActiveX.

It does not matter whether the PDF documents are in memory, as input streams or as pdf files, this control responds well to a variety of these modes. In addition to displaying PDFs, it is possible to combine these files, extract specific pages from the document, and add vector images and graphic texts to these documents. One of the interesting things about this product is the ability to open and view large files. Many libraries and other products work well as long as the input file size is not large, but as the document size increases, users experience numerous errors, which usually result in termination of the product.

But according to the developer of the component, WPViewPDF does not have such a problem and will easily open high-volume documents in the program. Another highlight of this component is its Window-class coding component, which gives the programmer the power to make it easier for visual applications to integrate this library\’s capabilities with mainstream code. Along with this component, there are numerous docs and examples for both the .NET and VCL versions that you will quickly learn about product functionality.

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Installation guide

Copy the files in the Crack folder to the 32-bit and 64-bit proportion where the program is installed.

download link

Download WPCubed_WPViewPDF 4.6.3

Download WPViewPDF 3.24 VCL .NET ActiveX

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