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MLSkin is a skin component of Delphi based on Delphi standard components. This component is similar to standard VCL components in Delphi but their display style is quite different.

At present, the collection has used over 50 common item elements, offering over 20 practical demos that can easily and quickly achieve the effect you want.

Features and Features of MLSkin

  • One-click skin support, adjust image and color to form background, color, saturation and brightness of skin can be freely adjusted
  • The main image resource management library can easily and quickly manage the images needed in the program.
  • The original image feature supports direct support for the image ID or exact local image file path to contact the image source
  • The shade and shape of the form is easy to execute, so you only need to adjust two images
  • Any number of images, buttons and text can be added as title bar.
  • Memo, Edit, ListView and other transparent background support components, border effect can be customized.
  • Changing the toolbar setting is a very nice display style and supports horizontal and vertical screens
  • Menu beauty, transparency support, just adjust a photo, you can change the menu style
  • The MainMenu can be displayed in the title bar and the display position can be customized.
  • Includes several standard VCL components: ColorButton, SwitchButton and more

required system  

Delphi7, Delphi2007, Delphi2009, Delphi2010, DelphiXE, DelphiXE2, DelphiXE3, DelhpiXE4, DelphiXE5, DelphiXE6, DelphiXE7, DelphiXE8, Delphi10.Seattle, Delphi10.1.10, Delphi10.1.10



Installation guide

To install the above component, just select one of the folders specified according to your IDE. It should be noted that for each edit there is a bpl file that you must open and install in the Install Component.

download link

Download MlSkin_VCL_v3.6_D7-X10.2_FullSource

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