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C # Developers: Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code is the name of the C # Programming Video Writing Technique. In this tutorial you will learn to write your C # code cleanly and correctly. When you are able to write your own code cleanly, you will find it easier when you are trying to edit or update it. It will also be better for other people who want to use or edit the code you have written.

Programming is on the rise today as people access educational resources. There are also a lot of people doing programming projects. But writing C # code properly and perfectly requires learning, and this tutorial has everything you need.

Course Feature:

In this tutorial you will learn the difference between writing good and bad code. In this course of more than 3 hours of video training, you will have 20 training sessions ahead of you. In this tutorial you will also learn to edit and overwrite scripts using the ReSharper tool to improve the writing status of your scripts.

Course specification:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Mosh Hamedani
  • Level: Visible to everyone at different levels.
  • Duration: 03:21:09
  • Number of lessons: 20 lessons
  • English language

Course topics Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code:


4 Lectures


Common Code Smells

12 Lectures


Complete Refactoring Examples

2 Lectures


Additional Resources

2 Lectures



C # at any level

C # Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code Images

Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code

Sample Movie C # Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code

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