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FluidFlow is a software for the design, modeling and simulation of water and wastewater lines marketed by Flite Software. FluidFlow simply lets you design a pipeline network and then determine its performance through simulation. A variety of linear equipment, pumps, coolers, compressors, safety valves, etc. can be used and evaluated based on various parameters during the simulation. Unlike spreadsheet-based plumbing computing systems that are prone to high error, this program provides a complete database of plumbing equipment with accurate modeling and simulation with the least error rate.

With this software you can calculate the fluid pressure or heat changes of any part of the piping network. The interesting feature of this program is the mixing and injecting of several different liquids from different points into the piping network, which automatically gives the user the physical properties of the resulting compound. The program provides engineers with many capabilities such as compressible and non-compressible flows, heat transfer, multi-fluid transfer or a combination of them through the piping system, as well as non-Newtonian and two-phase gas / liquid flows. If your field of engineering is related to gas, liquids, or piping networks, FluidFlow is a simple yet advanced software and full-fledged fluid flow simulator that will meet all your needs.

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