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Automated Software Testing with Python is the name of the video testing software development suite. Your collection is considered to be the most comprehensive training set on the Udemy website. Software testing and testing is an essential skill for developers. This course is designed to fully teach you the testing and testing of software using Python.

In this training course, the web software has a special focus. Also in this course you will learn the latest content and concepts. You will also learn how to write a complete test of a software. You will also learn the pitfalls and dangers of software testing.

Features of Automated Software Testing with Python:

You dear students will be able to test and test any software (web-focused) using this training course. In this course you will have 121 video training sessions for students. By watching all the sessions and learning the content, you will become an expert in web software testing and testing.

Course specification:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Tutor: Jose Salvatierra
  • Level: Basic to Advanced
  • Duration: 13h 30m
  • Number of lessons: 141
  • Language: English

Automated Software Testing with Python course headings:

Automated Software Testing with Python


We’ll give you a complete Python refresher, but some previous programming knowledge will be helpful

Some knowledge of how web applications work

Understanding of REST APIs will be helpful, but not required

Automated Software Testing with Python images

Automated Software Testing with Python

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