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Vensim is the name of a simulation software to optimize the performance of real systems. With this software, you can analyze and develop dynamic models. We emphasize: Compatibility with future releases, high quality with real checks, complex data and calibration methods, flexibility in model sharing, robust model analysis with Monte simulation Carlo and… This app is specially designed for large and complex models.

You can manage all of your designs with this program. The program provides Causal Tracing capabilities for builders and structures, and with the high sensitivity of Monte Carlo, optimization seems more than ever. You can develop customized Vensim applications using Venapp builder or create custom applications if needed, using programs such as Visual Basic, C, C ++, Visual C ++, Delphi, Excel and other programming applications. And develop. The program also has advanced algorithms for resource allocation.

If you do not know how to work with this program, the main site has dedicated resources to learn more about the features of this program and learn how to use it.

Features and Features of Vensim Software:

– Causal Tracing feature
– Ability to optimize models
– Resource allocation algorithms
– Venapp Flight Simulators feature
– Unique user interface
– Ability to develop custom vensims using different programming languages
– Supports complex models for management

required system  

The Vensim family of software runs on Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (it should also work on Windows XP, but is unsupported). Vensim is a 32 bit program but will run fine on 64 bit versions of Windows. The Macintosh version requires OSX version 10.4 or higher on an Intel processor. The Windows Version will run on the Macintosh using emulators like VMware or Crossover, or with a Windows virtual / alternate boot installation. Vensim requires about 20 megabytes of disk space for a full installation and will run with any reasonable amount of memory. For very large models more memory and disk space will be required as a single run can easily take up 100 megabytes of disk space. Generally it is a good idea to have at least as much memory as the largest .vdf file you are creating.

Tips for this app:

– This is the most complete editing version of DSS software; comparative editing features are visible here .

– Thank you JJHACKER and the REPT group for cracking this release.



Installation guide

Install version 7.3 on a 60-day trial and then copy and paste the file in the Crack folder where the program is installed.

Version 6.4 is cracked and does not require installation or activation.

Both versions ran successfully on Windows 10 64-bit on November 11, 1997.

download link

Download Vensim_PLE 7.3.5 x86

Download Vensim_DSS 6.4E x86

File password (s):


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