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FlowJo is a powerful software for displaying and analyzing flow cytometry data. Flow cytometry, or FCM, is an appropriate method for counting and analyzing microscopic particles such as chromosomes and cells. This is done by a special device called a flow cytometer. The flow cytometer is able to extract the phenotype and properties of the cells based on the fluorescence emission. Once the data has been collected by this device, we can no longer work with the device by importing it into the computer and analyzer software, and we can continue with the software. FlowJo is one of the most powerful software for analyzing and displaying flow cytometry data.

The program is able to display the collected data in one-dimensional, two-dimensional or three-dimensional histograms. Measurement scales are usually logarithmic with high accuracy. This technique has many applications in the study of health disorders, especially cancer. For this reason, analyzing this data in a computer automatically by drawing 3D charts makes it very easy for researchers. Applicable for both research and clinical purposes, it offers useful tools and capabilities in every field.

Apart from this interface, the program is very simple and uses ribbons for grouping tools which gives quick access to the tool. In this program you are able to define different samples in separate groups and to analyze them in order. Right-clicking on different examples can change the group properties including name, color, font, styles, roles and more. For each sample individually you are able to perform various functions such as adding keywords, statistics, display data, and more.

required system  

FlowJo Compatibility:

Minimum Requirements:
• 2GB of RAM
• x86 or x64 dual core processor
• Windows Vista
• Oracle Java Runtime Environment 6 (bundled with download)
• USB port (dongle option)
• Network adapter for an off-line serial number
• Network adapter and an Internet connection

Recommended Requirements:
• 16GB of RAM
• Intel i7 quad core processor
• Windows 7



Installation guide

Version 10.4:

After installing the software, run the Patch_DownLoadLy.iR.exe file in the Crack folder with Run as administrator and click on Patch; import the FlowJoEngine64.DLL file (and about the 32-bit version of the FlowJoEngine.DLL file) To apply the patch. Then copy the license.key file to a USB flash drive. Finally run the software and select the Hardware based dongle option to enable it.

! Always be connected to the computer when running the Flash memory software containing the license file.

This version was installed on October 25, 97 on Windows 10 64-bit and successfully activated.

download link

Download Treestar_FlowJo_10.8.1_x64

Download Treestar_FlowJo_10.6.2_x64

Download Treestar_FlowJo_10.5.3_x86

Download FlowJo_10.4.0 x86

Download FlowJo_10.4.0 x64

Download FlowJo_10.4.0 Crack Only

Download FlowJo_X 10.0.7 R2 x86

Download FlowJo_X 10.0.7 R2 x64

Download FlowJo_X 10.0.7 R2 Linux

Download FlowJo_X 10.0.7 R2 macOS

File password (s):


32-bit Windows version: 120 MB

64-bit Windows version: 168 MB

Mac version: 73 MB

Linux Version: 74 MB

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