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Deep JavaScript Foundations is a training course on learning the JavaScript language provided by the Frontend Masters website. JavaScript is a high-level and multi-procedural programming language that plays a huge role in creating web pages. You can use this language as structured or object oriented and animate on the user\’s side by accessing objects inside HTML pages.

This course by Kyle Simpson, author of the book series You don\’t Know JS is built and experiences bring about the language of JavaScript at your disposal puts. During this period, you will be familiar with the types of data typing in the JavaScript language and learn how to convert them to each other. You also learn about Lexical scope and cylinder and learn the object-oriented system completely.

Cases in which the course is taught:

Learn basic JavaScript topics
Recognition of data types
Convert data typing to each other
Lexical scope and cylinder training
Familiarity with object-oriented systems in JavaScript

Profile course Complete Intro to React :

Language: English
Duration: 10 hours and 32 minutes
Number of courses: 114
Training level: Medium
Lecturer: Kyle Simpson
File format: mp4

Head Seasons




Philosophy of Coercion


Static Typing


Scope & Function Expressions

Advanced Scope




Wrapping Up

Prerequisite course

  • No Prerequisite


Deep JavaScript Foundations

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