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SQLyog is one of the most popular SQL database management software available for Windows. It is a database management tool anywhere in the world that is compact, fast, easy to use, and graphical. With this program you can organize and execute your data in a beautiful and intuitive user interface. It has the ability to perform the most complex tasks on different applications and offer different features to its users.

Webyog SQLyog has optimization tools, Query profiling, advanced connectivity options, synchronization tools and finally visual tools. This software is more like phpMyAdmin that all web developers are definitely familiar with, except that it has more features. Among these features are its visual style design that provides a beautiful environment for users. The program includes a variety of additional tools that make it possible to work smart with the tool. Support for databases such as HTTPS and SSH is another feature of this program.

Features and features of Webyog SQLyog:

– Intuitive user interface

– Database management

– Ability to customize the database

– Visual style design

– Ability to use additional tools

– Organizing data

– Has optimization tools

– Create a Query Profile

– Advanced connection options

– Sync tools

– Supports databases such as HTTPS and SSH

Features of the three versions of Enterprise, Professional and Ultimate can be found here .

Webyog SQLyog Program Tips:

– The Ultimate version is the most complete version and has all the features of both Professional and Enterprise versions.

– Ripped version supports both 32 and 64 bit editing.

required system

: Operating Systems

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8-8.1

: Recommended Hardware

2 CPU Cores

2 GB of RAM

800 MB hard-disk space

Disk I / O subsystem applicable to a write-intensive database


Webyog SQLyog

Installation guide

Various editing serials are included in the text file.

download link

Download Webyog_SQLyog_13.1.1_x86

Download Webyog_SQLyog_13.1.1_x64

Download SQLyog_Ultimate 12.5.1 Retail x86

Download SQLyog_Ultimate 12.5.1 Retail x64

File password (s):


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