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IBObjects claims to be the most powerful toolkit currently developed for developing client-based and service-oriented database applications for Interbase / Firebird engines in Delphi and Borland ++ C environments that do not require software interfaces such as BDE, ODBC, etc. And it can communicate directly with the engines above. IBObjects provides over 80 different components for use in 32-bit Delphi environments and C ++ Builder.

One of the benefits of connecting to Firebird and Interbase databases through this component is its transaction-based nature. When you use IBObjects, a very intelligent abstraction layer is built on database communication APIs that will facilitate and make your data transactions as transparent as possible. This product organizes data transactions into three different layers: physical (the closest layer to the database), logical (where the work units and intermediate controls are), and finally the direct transaction layer provided by the programmer to the case operations. Put your opinion in it.

Features and Features of the IBObjects Component:

  • Switch between BDE to IBO in a short time without losing the ability of the past
  • Low library size 500 to 1200 KB
  • Easy installation and distribution
  • No need for additional side libraries
  • 2 to 4 times higher efficiency
  • Fast data transactions even on heavy datasets
  • Virtual TDataset compatibility with standard data controls
  • Over 45 different controls, widgets, grids, toolbars and dialogs to maximize client-side server applications
  • Support for Delphi, CPPBuilder from version 5 onwards, and support for all Firebird and InterBase scripts
  • And …

required system




Installation guide

This is a free version and does not require a registry.

download link

Download IBObjects (IBO) v5.11.1.2861 Full Source Code with Binary

Download IBObjects (IBO) v5.10.1 Build 2808 Source Code – Rio supported

Download IBObjects IBO 5.9.9 Build 2784 Full Source Code

Download IBObjects IBO 5.9.7 Build 2754 Full Source Code

Download IBObjects_5.9.1_Build_2522_Full_Source

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