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Python Programming Bible: Hands on Python is the name of a set of video tutorials in learning the programming languages ​​and in the Python directory. In fact, this course is designed for those users who are in the basics of Python programming. The course ahead of you is actually known as a project-oriented training set. This means that you will learn the skills needed in Python programming from the basic to the advanced level in a fully functional and practical way by running 10 real projects.

You will also learn, dear students, the most basic and essential skills in Python programming by watching this course. The course is also able to quickly deliver content and concepts and make you a professional Python developer in a short period of time. This course is also suitable for people interested in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, GUI and so on.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Full understanding of Python programming language from basic to advanced level
  • Learn how to create and develop your own custom software
  • Applied Python language learning for use in data science and machine learning
  • Learn about various functions like If-else, For loop and While loop
  • Learn how to analyze data with NumPy
  • Data analysis with Pandas
  • Learn how to build and develop your own custom modules
  • Understand a variety of possible Python programming errors
  • And…

Course specification:

  • English language
  • Duration: 11 hours and 47 minutes
  • Number of courses: 98
  • Level of education: introductory to advanced
  • Instructor: Vijay Gadhave
  • File format: mp4

Python Programming Bible Topics: Hands on Python:

Course content
98 lectures 11:47:08

Welcome to Course!
2 lectures 06:13

Python Setup
1 lecture 05:50

Python Basics
2 lectures 14:32

Data Types in Python
11 lectures 01:12:22

File Handling Basics, Operators and Build in Functions
5 lectures 30:21

Statements, Loops and List Comprehensions
5 lectures 01:02:39

Functions and Lambda Expressions
4 lectures 57:03

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
6 lectures 47:07

Data Analysis with Numpy
4 lectures 35:16

Data Analysis with Pandas
10 lectures 01:26:14

Data Visualization with Matplotlib
11 lectures 38:51

Modules and Packages
3 lectures 27:17

Errors and Exception Handling
3 lectures 24:14

1 lecture 22:00

Python Programming Bible: Hands on Python Course Content

2 lectures 17:07

Regular Expressions
2 lectures 31:18

Graphical User Interface in Python
15 lectures 01:00:56

Project 1
1 lecture 14:20

Project 2
1 lecture 03:08

Project 3
1 lecture 04:06

Project 4
1 lecture 06:34

Project 5
1 lecture 07:52

Project 6
1 lecture 08:09

Project 7
1 lecture 08:08

Project 8
1 lecture 05:57

Project 9
1 lecture 05:50

Project 10
1 lecture 03:26

Bonus Lectures
1 lecture 00:18

Course prerequisites

  • Access to a Computer with an Internet Connection
  • No Prior Knowledge or Experience Needed, Only a Passion to Learn


Python Programming Bible: Hands on Python

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