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Master Electron: Desktop Apps with HTML, JavaScript & CSS is a tutorial from the Yodemi site on the Electron framework that explains how to build desktop multi-platform applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Electron is an open source framework from GitHub that makes it easy to build desktop applications. In this course, you will become fully familiar with the Electron framework, and you can use your web programming skills to build desktop applications. This course explains all the electron tools from the beginning and is quite suitable for beginner and professional users.

At the beginning of the course, you will learn how to prepare the electron development environment and use useful tools to improve the development process. Then you will get acquainted with the main parts of the Electron API and learn how to work with each module in great detail. After introducing the API, this course takes a look at the most important framework tools and techniques and shows how to integrate electrons with HTML5 APIs. The instructor will eventually teach you how to build an application and, while working on the project, will introduce you to all of the topics covered in a practical way.

Things to be taught in this course:

  • Build local desktop applications using your current knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Build applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Complete electron API tutorial with all the details
  • Build a package of electron programs for distribution and diffusion
  • Develop programming skills

Master Electron course specifications: Desktop Apps with HTML, JavaScript & CSS:

  • English language
  • Duration: 07h 42m
  • Number of courses: 59
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Instructor: Ray Viljoen
  • File format: mp4

Master Electron course topics

Master Electron: Desktop Apps with HTML, JavaScript & CSS

Prerequisites for the Master Electron course

  • A good understanding of JavaScript. Basic understanding of ES6 would be beneficial.
  • Working knowledge of HTML & CSS.
  • Be comfortable with very basic usage of the command line (CLI)
  • Understand JavaScript in the Browser. eg Knowing what the global ‘window’ variable is etc.
  • Basic understanding of Node.js
  • Basic knowledge of Git (Recommended, but not required)


Master Electron: Desktop Apps with HTML, JavaScript & CSS

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Previous name of training: Master Electron v5: Desktop Apps with HTML, JavaScript & CSS

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The 2019/7 version has increased by about 1 GB compared to the 2018/6 version. No other information of the changes is available.

The 2019/9 version has increased the time by about 12 minutes compared to the 2019/7.

Version 2020/8 has increased by 2 lessons and 14 minutes compared to 2019/9.

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