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Running a Mobile App Dev Business: The Complete Guide is a tutorial provided by the Udemy website that teaches you how to start and upgrade a mobile app business. Over the last few years, the mobile software development industry has grown 43% year over year and the cost of developing mobile software services is about $ 16 billion; this represents a great opportunity For mobile app enthusiasts. You can invest in the industry part-time or full-time, with or without coding, and you can earn significant money in addition to building great portfolio.

This course shows you how to start your own business in mobile software development. This course will answer all the questions that arise at the beginning of the path for you and explain how to manage and promote your business. This training is a full time course in launching a successful mobile programming business and discusses everything from choosing the right platform to managing your customers.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Choosing the Most Effective Business Solution
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of native and hybrid apps, Android and iOS
  • Anticipate the timing of the start-up and dedicate the right time
  • Hire private or contract employees
  • Introduction to the basic rules of software development industry
  • Choose the right name
  • Use 15 different ways to attract customers
  • Use a few techniques to improve your portfolio
  • Customer Management Training

Running a Mobile App Dev Business course profile:

  • English language
  • Duration: 16 hours 53 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 89
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Instructor: Evan Kimbrell
  • File format: mp4

Running a Mobile App Dev Business Course Topics:

89 lectures 16:53:18

Introduction (26 minutes)
6 lectures 25:00

The Essentials (56 minutes)
8 lectures 55:35

Setting up your presence (65 minutes)
8 lectures 01:14:51

Finding subcontractors (66 minutes)
8 lectures 01:05:55

Building a portfolio (22 minutes)
5 lectures 22:20

Getting clients (71 minutes)
11 lectures 01:10:41

Building proposals (79 minutes)
8 lectures 01:19:20

Managing clients (64 minutes)
10 lectures 01:04:05

Best Practices (102 minutes)
17 lectures 01:42:09

Internal management is crucial (44 minutes)
5 lectures 44:15

Free documents & resources
2 lectures 00:00

Bonus Section
1 lecture 00:53

Prerequisites Running a Mobile App Dev Business course

  • No pre-requisites necessary.
  • Programming experience is helpful but not necessary.


Running a Mobile App Dev Business

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