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Monster JavaScript Course projects and applications is the name of a set of video tutorials on web development and programming in the JavaScript category. This course can be described as a comprehensive course for those interested in learning the programming language of JavaScript at various levels. Everything you need in JavaScript programming language is included in this course. The main feature of this course is the interaction with the student. This means that you will carry out all the training in the form of real projects and you will acquire the most basic concepts and skills.

In this course you will run more than 50 projects and software along with viewing video videos. The projects and programs that you do in this course are in different subjects, and at the end of this course you will have a very good programming experience in JavaScript. This course is also suitable for all JavaScript developers and developers at various levels from basic to advanced and you will always be able to learn the latest JavaScript language skills and techniques in this course.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Learn and become familiar with the JavaScript programming language
  • Learn how to use JavaScript and learn how to use it in your projects
  • Learn basic and key skills in software programming and development
  • Learn how to create dynamic elements using advanced JavaScript
  • Learn how to manipulate and edit elements in JavaScript
  • Become an experienced Javascript expert
  • And….

Monster JavaScript Course projects and applications course specifications:

  • English language
  • Duration: 43 hours 56 minutes
  • Number of courses: 614
  • Level of education: introductory to advanced
  • Instructor: Laurence Svekis
  • File format: mp4

Monster JavaScript Course projects and applications

Course content
614 lectures 43:56:07

Introduction to JavaScript course and content
2 lectures 08:38

JavaScript core fundamentals and getting started with JavaScript
44 lectures 03:13:41

JavaScript Web page interaction and dynamic content DOM
22 lectures 02:16:03

Advanced JavaScript methods plus more
24 lectures 02:05:28

Tip calculator
9 lectures 23:07

Welcome messages Customized JavaScript messages
3 lectures 04:50

Dynamically changing by time welcome message
6 lectures 17:26

Coin Toss Application – is it heads or tails
7 lectures 23:11

Rock Paper Scissors Game
8 lectures 26:41

Ultimate Dice Game
13 lectures 44:14

Play audio files and sounds with JavaScript
8 lectures 28:38

JavaScript Dynamic Typing Test
10 lectures 30:11

13 lectures 50:34

Magic Eight Ball JavaScript
4 lectures 10:06

Combination guesser Game
8 lectures 37:36

Word Scramble – guess the word
9 lectures 26:52

Countdown Timer
10 lectures 45:06

Pattern matching game
11 lectures 46:48

Monster JavaScript Course Content projects and applications

Click Popper Game from scratch using JavaScript
15 lectures 01:16:07

Hi Lo Card Game from scratch using JavaScript mini project
11 lectures 01:01:55

Click Shape Game
12 lectures 48:22

Guess the hidden word that is scrambled JavaScript interactive Game Project
11 lectures 43:55

JavaScript Car Driving Game from scratch
17 lectures 01:20:08

Input field Character counter
6 lectures 13:12

Scrolling Content Code Snippet Element
8 lectures 30:32

Fun with the Document Object Model – JavaScript
10 lectures 44:56

Just JavaScript Click Counter – Only JavaScript
6 lectures 18:14

Creating an image popup window on image elements
7 lectures 23:22

JavaScript Word Guessing Hangman game
11 lectures 35:10

JavaScript Modal Popup Example
7 lectures 22:21

Image Carousel JavaScript animated slideshow application
10 lectures 36:47

Star Rating project click and hover events
8 lectures 21:42

Plane Bomber game simple JavaScript DOM game
15 lectures 01:13:09

JavaScript Accordion component
5 lectures 15:18

Chaser Box game – Document Object Model Element Manipulation with JavaScript
11 lectures 52:43

Monster JavaScript Course Content projects and applications

Creating a popup tooltip with JavaScript
6 lectures 14:38

Email Extractor application with JavaScript source code included
7 lectures 31:38

Popup message
6 lectures 17:40

Clipboard – Copy and Move text JavaScript exercise
6 lectures 20:01

JavaScript Calculator mini web application
10 lectures 36:23

Dynamic Editable Shopping List using JavaScript
9 lectures 36:24

Placeholder Image path Generator JavaScript
7 lectures 24:17

Catch the game element
9 lectures 36:54

Element Mouse and click events JavaScript
8 lectures 21:52

Create Form Validation using JavaScript
10 lectures 39:48

Explore JavaScript Cookies while building cookies get set tester web application
10 lectures 53:40

DOM interaction Application DOMinator
14 lectures 59:57

JavaScript application to create files – Google Sheet data to CSV file
11 lectures 50:39

JavaScript building a Flying bird game from scratch
17 lectures 01:20:51

Create JavaScript number Guessing Game
11 lectures 45:55

Element Catcher game
14 lectures 01:02:26

Alien Invader JavaScript Game
18 lectures 01:40:58

JavaScript Card War Game Project
17 lectures 01:53:33

YouTube API Connection
11 lectures 50:40

Brick Breaker Paddle Ball Game
15 lectures 01:34:07

JavaScript Objects and OOP with JavaScript
16 lectures 01:21:33

Bonus Content
1 lecture 01:05

Prerequisites for Monster JavaScript Course projects and applications

  • HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Use of editor to write code
  • Access to computer
  • Fundamental JavaScript concepts


Monster JavaScript Course projects and applications

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