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Selenium WebDriver With Python 3 is the name of a video training suite in software development and testing in the Python programming language branch. By watching this course, you will learn how to implement automation frameworks with real web software. All of the topics presented in this course range from introductory to advanced levels. The course also covers a wide range of topics including advanced WebDriver Selenium basics, Python planning concepts, single and php frameworks, automation framework design and more.

In fact, by watching this course you will either get two topics in one course. You will learn the complete Python programming language as well as how to build Selenium WebDriver automation while watching the tutorials. You also don\’t need any previous experience to attend this course and just have the knowledge of programming in Python.

Courses taught in this course:

  • You will find a very thorough and detailed understanding of Web Automation Frameworks
  • Learn the basics of designing and implementing an automated web framework
  • Learn Python programming language from basic to advanced level
  • You will be able to do the CROSS BROWSER test
  • Learn advanced topics in software testing step by step
  • And…

Selenium WebDriver With Python 3 Course Specifications:

  • English language
  • Duration: 26 hours 59 minutes
  • Number of courses: 204
  • Level of education: introductory to advanced
  • Tutor: Lets Kode It
  • File format: mp4

Selenium WebDriver Courses With Python 3

Course content
204 lectures 26:59:06

2 lectures 06:30

Setup And Configuration
7 lectures 41:55

Understanding Variables And Data Type
12 lectures 01:38:45

Advanced Data Types
6 lectures 49:33

Comparison And Boolean Operators
3 lectures 24:39

Program Flow Control
6 lectures 52:39

Functions / Methods – Working With Reusable Code
6 lectures 01:00:53

Classes – Object Oriented Programming
6 lectures 51:46

Exception Handling
3 lectures 21:23

2 lectures 15:36

Working With Files
3 lectures 24:44

How To Inspect Elements Different Browsers – Add-Ons
8 lectures 01:01:54

Selenium WebDriver -> Setup And Installation
4 lectures 17:50

Selenium WebDriver -> Running Tests On Various Browsers
10 lectures 56:01

Selenium WebDriver With Python 3 Course Content

Selenium WebDriver -> Finding Elements
9 lectures 01:21:22

CSS Selectors – Advanced Locators
5 lectures 40:49

Xpath – Advanced Locators
8 lectures 01:00:32

Selenium WebDriver -> Working With Web Elements
11 lectures 01:45:42

Selenium WebDriver -> Useful Methods And Properties
6 lectures 51:47

Selenium WebDriver -> Wait Types
5 lectures 41:29

Selenium WebDriver -> Advanced
11 lectures 01:17:19

Selenium WebDriver -> Switch Window And IFrames
5 lectures 43:24

Selenium WebDriver -> Working With Actions Class
3 lectures 24:24

Logging Infrastructure
5 lectures 55:06

Unittest Infrastructure
7 lectures 58:10

Pytest -> Advanced Testing Framework
13 lectures 01:18:45

Automation Framework – Part 1
7 lectures 01:08:55

Automation Framework – Part 2
5 lectures 47:53

Automation Framework – Part 3
7 lectures 01:06:16

Automation Framework -> Practice Exercise
7 lectures 01:05:17

Data Driven Testing
4 lectures 32:00

Running Complete Test Suite
4 lectures 34:19

4 lectures 02:02

Prerequisites Selenium WebDriver Course With Python 3

  • Windows / MAC computer
  • Browsers (Firefox or Chrome)
  • ***** NO AUTOMATION / CODING EXPERIENCE NEEDED, beginners will be able to easily follow this course
  • Python Programming Language concepts are covered in the course, no experience needed
  • All required installations are covered in the lectures and documentation has been uploaded to the course


Selenium WebDriver With Python 3

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