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Visual Paradigm software is a professional application and perhaps the best tool for designing and drawing various UML forms, reporting and code generation are other features of this software.

Features and Features of Visual Paradigm Software:

– Business Modeling Tool: Explain your team / company structure using the organizational chart. Display data flow using data flow diagram (DFD). Draw charts of people, jobs, positions, inter-organizational relationships and their title / rank for your team / organization. Identify different branches, draw a workflow chart (DFD), each DFD process. Give a separate ID, detail task tasks using a process map diagram, draw complex, professional diagrams with the mouse, optimize data, produce data used to draw ERPs, matrix charts Make it complex to express all the details of your organization and…

– Business Process Modeling Toolkit (BPMN): Simulate Workflow . Share business process ideas using the business process diagram. Understanding how a business is done is the first and most important step in improving the business process. Business Process Modeling and its Symbolization (BPMN) provides a graphical representation of the business workflow in a simple and understandable way to facilitate the development and understanding of business structure.

– Project Glossary Tool: Add a term along with its interpretation so that everyone who comes to it will see its meaning and interpretation. Having a dictionary that coordinates business users and developers helps avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and expectations. This tool is used to collect and define project terms. Markup, sorting, etc. are features of this system.

– UML and SysML Toolkit: Used to design object-oriented software using integrated modeling language (UML) and documenting, simulating, and … various aspects of software. With this tool you can draw Use case diagram, Class diagram, Sequence diagram Communication diagram, State machine diagram, Component diagram, Deployment diagram, Object diagram, Timing diagram and more.

– Professional Modeling Toolkit:

  It is used to design a large model using smaller components and easier modifications.

– Professional Architecture Tools: Define Company Structure Using ArchiMate, Zachman Framework Modeling Language and BMM Tool

– SoaML Modeling: Describes existing and required services using the Structured Modeling Language (SoaML) and includes interface service diagrams, call service diagrams and more.

– Database Design Toolkit (ERD): Using ERD, visualize your database and communication types.

– Code Engineering: Use this feature to generate code through UML class models.

– Facilities using UeXceler

– Specifying the details of the requirements

– Make detailed changes with effect analysis

– Reporting tool

– Shared modeling

– Process simulation tool

– Task management


Visual Paradigm for UML Program Tips:

– The software comes in four editions, provided by License, to register the best and most complete version of the program, Enterprise; see the comparison of different version features here .

– This program is also known as VP-UML; since version 11.1, the phrase for UML is deleted from the program name and is presented as Visual Paradigm.

– See the app\\\’s video guides here .

required system

Hardware requirements

Intel Pentium 4 at 2.0 GHz or higher

Minimum 2.0 GB RAM, but 4.0 GB is recommended

(Minimum 4GB of disk space (NOT include project space

(Microsoft Windows (XP / Vista / 7/8), Microsoft Windows Server (2000/2003/2008/2012)

IDE requirements (for IDE integration

Eclipse 3.5 or above

IntelliJ IDEA 11.0 or above

NetBeans 6.7 or above

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or above


Visual Paradigm

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

After installing and replacing the crack in the lib folder, select the Evaluation option for 3650 days on the first run of the program and on the license specification page.

Version 16.2.20200904 on December 19, 2020 installed on Windows 10 edit 64bit and – as specified in the image-successfully enabled.

the portable version does not need to be activated, if it is finished after a trial period, it can be reused by removing the built-in folder.

download link

Download Visual Paradigm Enterprise 16.2 20200904 x64

Download Visual Paradigm 16.0 Build 20190861 Portable

Download Visual Paradigm Enterprise 15.2 x86

Download Visual Paradigm Enterprise 15.2 x64

File password (s):


32-bit version: 639 MB

64-bit version: 845 MB

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