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XLSReadWriteII is a simple solution for working with Excel files in Delphi. Delphi programmers can easily access Excel files from this library and process them on their own. For this program to work properly, there is no need to install Excel software on the user’s system, and it integrates seamlessly with Excel files.

XLSReadWriteII is part of memory management to extract cells in Excel files with maximum speed. This is because the program does not have trouble processing large files and always has the same speed of access. The data is loaded into RAM as long as the memory has the capacity to accept data, but when it is full, the read and write operations continue on the hard disk. One of the important goals of this library is its sustainability. This means you do not have to worry about corrupted Excel files, this product has been tested repeatedly by the manufacturer and utilized the best data access strategies in it to avoid any damage to the files. Don’t excel.

Features and Features of XLSReadWriteII Component:

  • Ability to read all types of values ​​in Excel cells
  • High efficiency and speed of the library
  • Ability to format cells and document as you wish
  • Access to all printing facilities
  • Full Unicode support
  • Ability to read and write directly to the hard disk
  • Ability to add notes to cells
  • Ability to create charts with the same options and options provided by Excel itself
  • Ability to use Excel-wide functions for computation on cells
  • The ability to call Visual Basic macros for more advanced tasks
  • Ability to copy / delete / cut cells
  • Ability to import / export custom data
  • And …

required system

D6 – D10.3



Installation guide

Programmers know better.

download link


Download XLSReadWriteII 6.01.10 for D11 Alexandria Source

Download Axolot XLSReadWriteII v6.00.47 for D6-D10.4 Sydney Full Source

Download XLSReadWrite 6.00.47 for D6-D10.3 Rio Full Source

Download XLSReadWriteII 6.00.14 D10-10.2 Tokyo

Download XLSReadWriteII 6.00.25a for D10.2

Download XLSReadWriteII 6.00.25a for D7

Download XLSReadWriteII 5.20.62 XE10.2

Download XLSReadWriteII 5.20.67 Compiled DCU D7 XE-DX10


Download XLSSpreadSheet 3.00.09 Cracked for D6-D10.3 Rio

Download XLSSpreadSheet 3.00.06-XE7 Win32

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