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ActiveState Komodo IDE is software that allows you to edit, debug and test your applications. ActiveState Komodo IDE has a professional programming environment for programming languages ​​such as Python, PHP, Ruby, Java Script, Perl. In the latest version of Database Explorer, Publishing has been redesigned with features such as redesigning spaces, project management, and speeding up tasks. With the help of this product through Remote and Local Debuggers You\\\’ll be able to fix major bugs more quickly. You can do software development with the help of this product as fast as possible.

ActiveState Komodo IDE is the first integrated workspace for dynamic web application programming. Powerful features for client-side Ajax languages ​​such as CSS, HTML, Javascript and XML are included with professional support for dynamic languages ​​such as Perl, PHP, Phtyon, Ruby and Tcl. This feature allows programmers to easily and quickly design web applications. Features like Section List, Go to Difinition and Hyperlink also help the user to understand the coding code as quickly as possible.

Features and features of ActiveState Komodo IDE:

– XML ​​/ HTML based form completion

– Take advantage of features like Section List, Go to Difinition and Hyperlink

– Rapid development of programming codes

– Synchronize work with remote server

– Web template languages ​​including RHTML, Template-Toolkit, HTML-Smarty, Django

– Debugging and fixing software bugs through Remote and Local Debugger

– Server-side languages ​​Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl

– Framework support for Rails and Zend

– Browser technologies including CSS, HTML, javascript and Tcl

– Manage project files, master code controls, Mirror and Publishing

– Display information library of standard

– Testing, editing, debugging fast

– Full and fast programming environment

– Easy access to logical functions

– Quick access to website database and database management

– Support for adding third-party libraries


Application Tips : ActiveState Komodo IDE

– This version is fully flawed and installed and tested by Download.

– This program also comes with edits for Linux and Mac.

required system

Windows 7 or later, including Windows 8

1GHz (or faster) x86 or x86_64 processor


250MB hard disk space

350MB of temporary hard disk space during installation


ActiveState Komodo IDE

Installation guide

Follow the Readme.txt file in each copy.

download link

Download ActiveState_Komodo_IDE_v11.1.1.91089_Windows

Download ActiveState_Komodo_IDE_v11.1.1.91089_macOS

Download ActiveState_Komodo_IDE_v11.1.1.91089_Linux_x86

Download ActiveState_Komodo_IDE_v11.1.1.91089_Linux_x64

File password (s):


80 MB

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