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iOS 12 & Swift: The Complete Developer Course , name of the training video series in the field of developing and programming a variety of applications and games iOS to help programming language Swift can be. Course, you as a comprehensive course, whatever you to become a programming iOS need to know if the … has been brought. You view this course, how to build online games and applications such as Pokémon, the Twitter and WhatsApp to learn. In fact, the period before you advance the project, the targeted training necessary to give you.

You in the beginning, the training set and start from scratch to learn how to work programming language Swift, you will. This means that you initially exposed from the programming language you will learn, and then the first of the introductory program with Swift creations, you will. You view this course, with concepts such as variables and mathematical operations will be familiar. Also you have to watch this course requires no knowledge of programming before, you won\’t be and as I stated earlier, you from scratch how to programming iOS apps, you\’ll be able to.

Features Training Course iOS 12 & Swift: The Complete Developer Course :

  • Learning programming language Swift from scratch as a completely objective and standard
  • Learn how to build and programming a variety of online games iOS
  • Learn how to build and develop rather than have themselves introduced iOS, such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp
  • Learn CoreML (machine learning)
  • Learn how to work with data-core and sqlite database
  • Basic understanding of programming
  • Learn the key concepts, logic, planning, conditions and control
  • And…

Profile, course, iOS, 12 & Swift: The Complete Developer Course :

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Lecturer: Hussein Al Rubaye
  • Level: introductory to advanced
  • Time: 19:48:47
  • Number of courses: 148 lesson
  • Language: English

This course iOS 12 & Swift: The Complete Developer Course :

Course content
148 lectures 19:48:47

Installation and settings
4 lectures 04:09

4 lectures 25:46

Operations and Priorities
4 lectures 35:43

Decision Making
6 lectures 37:40

Loop Control
4 lectures 19:13

Collection Types
4 lectures 31:37

4 lectures 19:14

Object Oriented Programming
10 lectures 49:04

iOS APP|| Find my age App
5 lectures 29:07

Calculator app
6 lectures 43:46

Tic Tac toe game
5 lectures 43:22

Pockemon Game
6 lectures 55:46

Zoo App
5 lectures 42:44

Restaurant Menu App
7 lectures 52:29

Web services|| Find sunrise time
7 lectures 39:52

Core Data || My Notes App
9 lectures 01:16:30

Core Data || My store App
8 lectures 01:13:28

Firebase|| Whatsapp App
7 lectures 01:10:08

Firebase || Twitter App
17 lectures 03:33:03

Firebase || online gaming
8 lectures 01:06:06

CoreML || Detects objects present in an image
4 lectures 28:46

Submit App to Apple Store
2 lectures 10:29

Twitter App using MySql and PHP web service
12 lectures 02:00:43


No previous programming experience is required! I will teach you what you need to know.
You will need a computer running Microsoft Windows, or Linux, or a Mac running OS X.


iOS 12 & Swift: The Complete Developer Course (Project base)

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Subtitles: English

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Version 2020/5 compared to 2018/10 change the time in the headings have been. About 50 MB increase in size is.

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