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xlCompiler is a great tool for converting excel files to executables. No more worrying about the source macros and formulas used in Excel files. This utility converts everything you do into an Exe executable file, which is much less likely to crack when you distribute the original file. The final file needs no Excel to run, and even inside the executable you will feel comfortable working with Excel. This program is highly flexible and allows you to design the final program to your liking so that even your users will not realize that the program is made with Excel. Aside from the security and flexibility issue, one of the important advantages of using this tool is its faster execution rate than your Excel spreadsheet version.

The output exe file is optimized and runs at a high speed, something you would not experience in Excel. You can password for your executable file or make it conditional on having a license. In this case you can sell the result of your work in the form of a business plan. The executable files created by this program are all automatically signed and therefore not reported as browsers and security programs as viruses and malware. Another advantage of converting an Excel file to an executable file is that it opens when opening macro-containing files showing a macros and is executable if the user approves it, but executable files produced by this program are not always restricted. The macros will run.

Features and Features of xlCompiler:

  • Flawless compilation of all formulas and macros, graphs, and more
  • Ability to encrypt and define the license for the executable file
  • High speed application execution compared to Excel files
  • High flexibility (full control over different ribbon buttons and parts)
  • Ability to print and preview print
  • Executable file signature
  • And …

required system  

All versions of Windows starting from Vista
32-bit and 64-bit editions are included
Microsoft Excel is not required!



Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

download link

Download xlCompiler_3.1.16

Download xlCompiler_3.1

File password (s):


20 MB

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