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dbMigration .NET is an efficient and useful software for moving databases and synchronizing them. This database enables administrators to easily and effortlessly move databases or synchronize their information. For example, if your current system is running SQL Server based and you plan to migrate to Oracle, you can easily transfer all schims, data types, and more to the target database using this program.

Using dbMigration .NET not only increases the speed of doing this, but also increases the accuracy of doing so. Easily enter the source database and select the destination database. The program displays a list of all the tables and data types used for its fields. It also displays the equivalent of new tables and data types in the destination database. You can select new types at the same time. It is also possible to test the output before running. This way we can confirm the output after running correctly. Although the program is simple in appearance, it still has a comprehensive guide that explains all parts of the program in a simple way.

The program currently supports all of the following databases:

SQL Server / SQL Azure / LocalDB / MySQL / Oracle / IBM DB2 / Informix / PostgreSQL / HP Vertica / NuoDB / Teradata / Sybase ASE / Firebird / Access / Excel / SQLCe / SQLite / VistaDB / dBase / FoxPro / OleDB / ODBC / Text support

DbMigration .NET Features and Features:

  • Moving tables and data between different databases
  • Simple app appearance and easy operation
  • Supports various infinite conversions
  • Ability to change types while mapping
  • Ability to test conversion accuracy before operation is completed
  • Automatically map data types
  • Automatically generate tables and indexes
  • Immediate display of results
  • Ability to transfer a variety of tables, processors, functions, sequences
  • The possibility of batch conversion
  • Ability to synchronize data from different databases
  • Command line tool for creating automated tasks
  • Automatically build external keys
  • Support for blob type
  • Ability to add or rename new columns
  • Ability to filter results
  • And …

required system

Supported Platforms Windows All (x86 / x64)


dbMigration .NET

Installation guide

Registry software using the serial in the Serial.txt file.

download link

Download dbMigration_.NET_9.9.6918_Enterprise_Edition

File password (s):


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