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fe-safe is a product of Safe Technology, now part of Dassault Systèmes, and one of the most powerful Elemental Fatigue Analysis software available. This software provides its users with the opportunity to define different models and methods of analysis, so that most industrial models can be analyzed using this software.

fe-safe has a special place for many of the basic industries such as automotive, defense, marine, power plants, medical engineering and so on.

fe-safe is the first software developed and developed for fatigue analysis and therefore the best and most efficient methods of fatigue analysis can be obtained from this software. One of the best features of this software can be the analysis of thermomechanical fatigue, creep fatigue and fatigue in composite models, which makes it a unique set of analyzes, and in fact with the least complexity of software the most difficult fatigue models for simulation users. he does.

What the industry has always demanded from engineering is the use of minimums to produce maximum output and, in a sense, the highest efficiency. But engineering projects need to ensure their continuity, and this cannot be achieved except by simulating long cycles of engineering mechanisms.
Many industrial complexes use finite element methods to design their products, and especially stress analysis, but due to the lack of efficient fuzzy analysis software, they still rely on manual computing for analysis, which makes the task extremely difficult. But fe-safe simplifies the way fatigue issues are defined to the best of their ability for industrial users.

Fe-Safe Software Computable Items:

– Shelf life of a product

– The possibility of cracks in one component

– Reliability of material for long time application

– Ensure design

How the loading affects the life cycle


Fe-safe Program Tips:

– The software is fully licensed and installed and tested by Donnelly.

– Released version 6.14 and 2016 support Abaqus software.

required system

See the list of supported platforms in different versions of this app here .


Installation guide

Version 6.5:

First with software like DAEMON Tools or UltraISO   Or PowerISO Mount Virtual Drive via Virtual Drive and start installing the software by running the setup.exe file. There are two methods of installation: one if the SIMULIA ABAQUS FlexLM License Server is not installed and the other is for installation; here is the first method:

For the 64-bit version, select the Node-locked type of license: installs a local FlexNet service for licensing, and then import the License_DownLoadLy.iR.lic file from Crackx64. Continue installation and complete. Then restart Windows. Run the program and select the Node-locked license option after the license window is displayed and enter the port number 27011.

For the 32-bit version, after completing the installation of the flexnet folder on the Crackx86 path, copy the program to the installation location and then run the Server_Install_DownLoadLy.iR.bat file with Run as administrator. Restart Windows and do the rest of the steps like the 64-bit version.

! If the SIMULIA ABAQUS FlexLM License Server is installed, use the second method in the Readme.txt file.

For the 2016 version, use the Readme file in the ISO Crack folder.

From the 2017 version, this software is integrated seamlessly into the DS SIMULIA Suite suite.

download link

Download newer versions of fe-safe Windows / Linux

Download fe-safe 2016 HF3 x64

fe-safe 6.5-2

Download part 1 – 1 GB

Download part 2 – 199 MB

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