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SpellTime is a highly-used vocabulary component for checking vocabulary to prevent possible spelling mistakes in your software. The component in front of you has a very complete dictionary with over 100,000 English words, which means that you are using this component in your software to greatly avoid spelling mistakes in the text. You will prevent yourself. On the other hand, the volume of vocabulary this component occupies is very small and is about 35 KB.

Vocabulary processing speed is extremely high when using the SpellTime component. When you use this component in your software, your software is able to spell 1000 to 1,500 words in a second and modify it as needed. In practice, the interface between your software and this component is a module through which you will be able to check all or part of your software. It should be noted that this product is very fast with complete documentation.

The component also offers you other features such as displaying misspelled words with a number of alternate spelling words. In fact, using this component in your software makes the user aware of the error at the time of the incorrect text and replaces the correct word with his own decision. It is possible to integrate the mentioned component with your software in a very short time.

SpellTime Features and Features

  • This component provides good feedback to software owners
  • Extremely fast word processing vocabulary
  • Ability to process 1000 to 1500 words simultaneously to correct misconceptions
  • Very low occupancy volume of about 35 KB
  • Benefit from very complete and credible documentation that will ease the user\’s imagination
  • Take advantage of the ability to display alternate words for the wrong words
  • And…

required system  

SpellTime Installation and Usage Notes

Since our components are targeted towards software developers, the installation is simple. Our component software is delivered in a zip file. To install, simply copy the contents of the zip folder to an empty folder on your computer and then follow the instructions for product usage.

Our software does not install itself, so you can rest assured that your system is not affected by an automatic installation process.

Please click here to view the license agreement for TE Edit Control. The license agreements for the other products are found on their respective page.

To Uninstall, simply delete all product files from the installation folder or any other folder where you may have copied the product files. For example, if you copied the contents of the installation zip folder to a folder called c: \\ MyFolder, then select the contents of the MyFolder folder, and delete all the files. If you have copied the DLLs to your project folder, then delete those DLL files as well.


Sub System SpellTime

Installation guide

Read the Serial.txt file.

download link

Download Sub_System_SpellTime_v5.0.0.5

File password (s):


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