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Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced & VBA , is the name of a video tutorial on working with Microsoft Excel text documents and software. This course will teach you how and how to work with this highly functional software at various levels. By watching this course you will first learn how to work with this product from the introductory level of Microsoft. You will then learn the intermediate and advanced levels. And finally you will learn advanced work with Excel software (VBA). By doing this you will become an Excel software expert.

By watching this video course you will learn the latest and most effective techniques and skills in using Microsoft Excel. You will learn beginner and advanced formulas usable in Excel. On the other hand, by watching this course you will be able to make and use the best reports and tables in Excel.

Features of Microsoft Excel Course – Excel from Beginner to Advanced & VBA:

  • Learn the applications and tasks that run with Excel software
  • Learn how to work with Microsoft Excel software from beginner to advanced level
  • Advanced VBA level learning in working with Microsoft Excel
  • Learn the formulas applicable in the Excel software environment from the basic to the advanced level
  • Learn how to create and deliver dynamic and accurate reports from your document tables and information
  • And…

Microsoft Excel course specifications – Excel from Beginner to Advanced & VBA:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Brian Wells
  • Level: Basic to Advanced
  • Duration: 09:46:22
  • Number of lessons: 140 lessons
  • English language

Microsoft Excel Courses – Excel from Beginner to Advanced & VBA:

Course content
140 lectures 09:46:22

Welcome To Your Excel Course!
1 lecture 02:04

Microsoft Excel 101 – Course Exercise Files
1 lecture 01:01

Setting Up Your System – Microsoft Excel
1 lecture 06:08

Microsoft Excel Beginner Introduction
11 lectures 51:25

84 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
8 lectures 33:26

Modifying an Excel Worksheet
6 lectures 18:30

TEST # 1 – Excel Beginner Level
0 lectures 00:00

Formatting Data in an Excel Worksheet
8 lectures 23:23

Excel Templates
3 lectures 10:49

Printing an Excel Worksheet
6 lectures 20:43

Microsoft Excel Charts
5 lectures 24:42

Beginner to Intermediate Formula Knowledge
10 lectures 52:18

TEST # 2 – Excel Intermediate Level
0 lectures 00:00

Congratulations! You\’ve Mastered Beginner to Intermediate Microsoft Excel.
1 lecture 00:22

Advanced Formula Knowledge – Importing Data, VLOOKUP & More!
6 lectures 32:47

3 lectures 09:51

4 lectures 16:11

INDEX & MATCH Functions
6 lectures 25:44

Sorting, Filtering, Tables, Ranges & More!
5 lectures 21:00

Master Excel\’s Advanced Filtering Tool
7 lectures 20:45

Pivot Tables – Beginner to Intermediate
5 lectures 26:45

Pivot Tables – Advanced Level
6 lectures 23:05

Presenting, Evaluating, Cell Formatting, Conditional Formatting & More!
6 lectures 23:03

Validating & Updating Microsoft Excel Data
5 lectures 23:33

Project # 1: Using Excel\’s Macro Recording Tool
7 lectures 21:52

VBA Concepts
8 lectures 38:51

Project # 2 Moving into Excel VBA
6 lectures 42:32

Final Preparation Measures: IMPORTANT
4 lectures 14:14

Congratulations Your Done!
1 lecture 01:18


  • No prior knowledge of Microsoft Excel is needed! This course is designed to teach you every aspect you need to graduate from a beginner to advanced Excel user.


Microsoft Excel - Excel from Beginner to Advanced & VBA

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