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Database Workbench provided by Ubsence Production is software for working with different databases. In fact, this software is a complete integrated environment with many capabilities for developing a variety of database engines. With its unique features, powerful tools, excellent stability, as well as an attractive and clear interface from the start, it will enhance your work efficiency. You don’t have to use SQL for one environment, for Oracle another software as well as other databases. Database Workbench gives you the ability to connect to any type of information engine in a complex environment and easily edit and manage your database.

Features and Features of Database Workbench:

  • Business Database Development
  • Registering different servers and databases
  • Supports a variety of database engines such as SQL, Oracle, FireBird and more.
  • Open Access database
  • Connect and output from any ODBC or ADO data source
  • Comparison of disparate data objects from different databases
  • Draw conceptual and visual diagrams for data models
  • Creating DBMS physical models from conceptual models
  • Create diagrams for physical models
  • Output diagrams in image format
  • Reverse database engineering to create a physical model for documenting purposes
  • Creating a database directly from the physical model
  • Full Unicode support
  • Connect to multiple databases at the same time
  • Preview and edit template objects
  • Intuitive and bidirectional query builder
  • Editing and displaying data
  • Edit BLOB data in image format, OLDET documents, text, HTML and hex data
  • Extract metadata from objects
  • Run queries and scripts in an interactive editor
  • Ability to execute very large scripts
  • Ability to reproduce objects
  • Creating SUID processors
  • Show dependencies
  • Search for schims by their names
  • Complete source code object checker
  • Validate and execute SQL statements before final execution
  • Analyze queries visually
  • Debug capability of processors and functions
  • Ability to debug triggers and packages
  • Ability to get various outputs such as CSV, Text, Excel, Lotus, etc.
  • Get input from CSV
  • Data comparison tool
  • Perform database manager and server tasks
  • Manage users, roles, and groups
  • Monitor system activities and performance through graphical interface
  • Manage user work permissions
  • Ability to print source code, table data, query results, and template objects
  • And many more

required system

Database Workbench supports the following relational databases: Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Anywhere, Firebird, NexusDB, InterBase, MySQL and MariaDB. Version 5 of Database Workbench runs on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows platforms. Under Linux, FreeBSD or Mac OS X Database Workbench can operate using Wine.


Database Workbench

Installation guide

After installing the file in the Crack folder copy the software where installed.

Download link

Download Database Workbench Pro

Download Database_Workbench_Pro_5.5.0.270

Download Database_Workbench_Pro_5.4.0.215

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