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MSC Nastran is a multidisciplinary structural analysis program used by engineers to perform thermal, dynamic, and static analyzes in linear and nonlinear domains. With its complete technologies in optimizing automatic structure optimizations and embedded burnout analysis, this software brings the possibility of high efficiency calculations.

Engineers use MSC Nastran to ensure that structural systems are robust; They have the durability and stiffness needed to prevent failure (additional stress, exacerbation or unwanted deformation), which can be a combination of operational and structural safety issues. MSC Nastran is also used to develop and improve the economy and ease of passage in structural designs.
Manufacturers and factories use MSC Nastran\\\\\\\’s unique multidisciplinary approach to structural analysis at various points in the product development process. The benefits of this software include multidisciplinary structural analysis, structural modeling, and automated structural optimization.


Some applications of MSC Nastran software:

– Making a virtual prototype in the design process preserves the costs that were previously wasted in physical prototyping.

– Correction of structural issues that can occur during the services of a product and lead to a reduction in delivery time and costs.

– Optimizes the efficiency of existing designs or makes unique product differences, which leads to a competitive advantage with others.

– MSC Nastran is based on complex numerical methods, the most famous of which is called finite element method. Nonlinear FE problems can be solved by explicit or implicit internal numerical methods of this software. There are also a number of optimization algorithms, including MSCADS and IPOPT.

– Corrosion capability in MSC Nastran by adding nCode International Ltd. software. And MSC can be calculated.


required system

Download and view hardware prerequisite and software requirements, compatibility list and 3 2013 editions from here  . See a general list of MSC products  here  .


MSC Nastran

Installation guide

It is listed in the Readme file.

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MSC Nastran 2020 SP1 x64

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MSC Nastran 2020 SP1 Documentation

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

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