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ASP NET Core (ASP.NET 5), MVC 6, C #, Angular4 & EF Crash Course is a comprehensive training course on how to build web applications by ASP.NET Core, MVC6, CSS, Web API, Angular and Entity Framework . Because of the cross-platform nature of web applications, these types of applications are growing. There are various technologies and solutions for building web applications, but in the Windows environment the most popular .NET framework is in large part due to its integrated programming environment, Visual Studio . Creating web applications with the help of .NET technology and its associated frameworks is a pleasure.

In addition to full ASP.NET Core training, formerly known as Asp.Net 5, the course also introduces important features of Entity Framework Core, Web Api, Angular, CSS and MVC . In addition, you will learn how to publish web applications after you build them using Microsoft Azure. As Asp.Net Core is open source and many users are involved in its development, the choice of this technology is not worrying and will certainly have a bright future. On the other hand, because of Visual Studio\’s high ability to debug code, it will save a lot of time. Audiences of this course should have basic knowledge of CSS and the ASP.NET platform, and basic familiarity with Angular concepts may not be necessary, but basic information about it will accelerate your progress.

Course content ASP NET Core (ASP.NET 5), MVC 6, C #, Angular4 & EF Crash Course:

  • Build web applications in Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Teaching Object-Oriented Programming Concepts in CSS
  • Develop and deploy an API service in the ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Angular 4 Implementation Using Typing Script in ASP.NET Core Applications
  • Application development training for several different platforms
  • Review and implement new MVC 6 features
  • Learn to manage client-side packages with tools like Bower, Grunt, and the Glup Library
  • Using Code First technique when using EF
  • Tutorial on Using Databases Techniques for Using Web Api in Angular 4

Specifications of ASP NET Core (ASP.NET 5), MVC 6, C #, Angular4 & EF Crash Course:

  •   English language
  • Duration: 22 hours
  • Number of lessons: 258
  • Tutor: Codeit 24/7
  • File format: MP4 | Video: AVC 1280 × 720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch
  • Playability: Windows, Mobile, TV

Full list of educational topics and topics

Course content
258 lectures 22:25:30

Course Introduction
2 lectures 01:46

Software Installation – Visual Studio 2019, VS Code, Node.JS, & ASP.NET Core
9 lectures 27:54

Create & Examine Our First ASP.NET Core 1.0 Web & Console App
14 lectures 01:07:40

Create Course Project & C # Refresher C # 6.0 New Features
27 lectures 02:46:05

MVC & MVC 6 Features & RC2 to 1.0 Migration
27 lectures 02:44:06

Learn Entity Framework Core & Build Restful Api Services on Windows & Mac OSX
51 lectures 05:54:31

Typescript Introduction & Installation
17 lectures 01:15:46

Angular 2 Installation & Introduction
27 lectures 01:38:25

.Net Core Upgrade – Migrate from Project.json to the .Csprog File
6 lectures 16:20

Angular & .Net Core Integration
18 lectures 01:00:52

Deploy App to Microsoft Azure
14 lectures 37:59

Angular 4 CRUD Operations with Asp.Net Core Api Services
7 lectures 16:41

Bonus Section
2 lectures 00:31

RC1 & RC2 & .Net Core 1.0 Lecture References
37 lectures 04:16:57


  • A computer with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS Operating System Installed
  • Visual Studio Code (Free. Used for Mac OS or Linux OS. I\’ll demonstrate the installation process)
  • Visual Studio 2019 (Free. Used for Windows OS. I\’ll demonstrate the installation process)
  • Desire to learn
  • Commitment to the course


ASP NET Core (ASP.NET 5), MVC 6, C #, Angular4 & EF Crash Course

ASP NET Core 3 (ASP.NET 5), MVC, C #, Angular & EF Crash Course

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