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The Complete Personal Finance Course is the name of a business education video collection in the field of personal finance. The set ahead of you consists of 3 separate tutorials. In fact, you will learn this course with the three concepts of money saving, money saving and how to make more money. You will learn a variety of things by watching the tutorials in this course. You\’ll also learn optimal cost-saving tricks by watching this video course.

Dear students, you will also learn how to invest in stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate and more by watching this course. On the other hand you will learn how to best manage your ridiculous expenses. The video course ahead of you will be a very useful and useful course for managers. Also in this course you will be directly connected to Microsoft Excel software.

Course Features The Complete Personal Finance Course:

  • Learn storage concepts, save money efficiently
  • Learn over 100 ways to save you more money
  • Learn 14 Solutions to Save on Taxes
  • Learn 16 Ways to Save More on Your Shopping Costs
  • Learn 13 Ways to Save on Shipping Costs
  • Learn 10 Ways to Save on Housing Costs
  • And…

Course specifications The Complete Personal Finance Course:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Chris Haroun, Complete Business Education with Chris Haroun
  • Level: Introductory to Intermediate
  • Duration: 15:48:07
  • Number of lessons: 122 lessons
  • English language

The Complete Personal Finance Course Courses:

Course content
122 lectures 15:48:07

Course Introduction & How to Take This Course
3 lectures 18:10

Part 1 of 3: Save [MORE] Money & Make Your Money Work For You!
4 lectures 44:44

Save By Calculating Where Your Cash Is Going: Your CURRENT Income Statement
3 lectures 09:12

More than 100 Ways to Save MUCH More: Creating Your NEW + IMPROVED Income Statement
22 lectures 02:23:32

Changing Your Perception of Saving Money + Saving Money and Your Kids
2 lectures 22:17

Part 2 of 3: Protect [MORE] Money (Many Ways to Protect Your Money)
6 lectures 27:59

Protect Your Money With These Tax Strategies
7 lectures 42:15

Protect $ by Having an Organized Filing System, Tracking Bills & More
4 lectures 39:39

Protect Your Money by Creating a Budget & Picking the Right Bank
4 lectures 21:33

Protect Your Family with Wills & Trusts and Accessing & Fixing Your Credit Score
2 lectures 15:47

Protect Your Family and Your Assets with Insurance Products
6 lectures 34:14

Protecting Your Money, Credit Cards, Loans and Leases
3 lectures 17:29

Profiles of Successful Wealthy People and How They Protect and Manage Their Money
2 lectures 11:04

Part 3 of 3: Make [MORE] Money (Ways to Make Your Money Work for You)
3 lectures 24:55

Index Funds Examples
3 lectures 15:32

Introduction to your Investment Portfolio Management System
2 lectures 20:04

Make Money with Stocks
7 lectures 52:17

Stock Valuations, Mutual Funds & Warren Buffett\’s Favorite Type of Investments
3 lectures 22:31

Make Money with Bonds & Commodities (& Understanding Interest Rates)
10 lectures 01:46:17

Make Money with Real Estate
7 lectures 56:54

Make More with Diversification & Make Your Money Checklist
5 lectures 42:58

Course Conclusion & Customizing Your Complete Personal Finance Excel Dashboard
13 lectures 02:38:27

Bonus Materials
1 lecture 00:46


  • No prior finance or accounting or Excel experience is required to take this course. Please note that Excel 2013 (or a newer version) is recommended in order to complete some of the exercises in this course. The Excel exercises in this course work on Windows and Mac versions of Excel. Thanks


The Complete Personal Finance Course

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