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PaleoScan is the name of a new software for interpreting earthquakes in both 3D and 3D. It contains all the tools necessary to perform a large workflow and provides a user-friendly environment for downloading data, interpreting objects, screening information, and cross-navigation. PaleoScan also offers ways to semi-automate the interpretation of seismic masses, and offers standard tools for interpreting horizons and faults. With the powerful editing tools available in PaleoScan, you can edit your own interpretations and view geological models in real-time. PaleoScan also benefits from parallel processing capabilities with the latest multichannel technologies.

PaleoScan Features and Features:

  • Processing Large Parts of Characteristics (Spectral Analysis)
  • Generate a large number of horizons and layer cut zones
  • Seismic extraction and quality assessment
  • Interpret, improve, and describe earth failures
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional seismic simulation
  • Modeling the types of faults

System Requirement

Minimum Recommended
OS Windows® 7/8/10 (64-bit)
CPU* 4-core or 6-core 8-core or 16-core
RAM 16 GB 64 GB
Storage Drive Hard disk with fast rotationnal speed (> 7200 rpm) SSD
Graphic card 512 MB NVIDIA® / ATI® graphic card 2 GB NVIDIA® / ATI® graphic card


PaleoScan screenshot

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Download Eliis Paleoscan 2018.1.0 Revision B r26824

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