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The WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners: Build Your Own Website is the name of a web-based video tutorial in the WordPress content management system (WordPress). The course ahead is perfect for those beginners looking to build powerful WordPress based websites. In this course all skills will be taught to students from scratch and you will not need any previous experience to watch this video course. By the end of this course you will be able to build powerful websites for different devices using WordPress.

It is important to note that by watching this course you will be directed to building the best websites possible. You will see step-by-step all the steps of launching a website in full, and by the end of this visual course you will be able to launch a variety of websites. Understanding and learning the basics of WordPress helps you create dynamic, albeit brilliant, websites.

WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners course features: Build Your Own Website:

  • Understand the key features of WordPress and how to use them
  • Step-by-step learning how to launch a WordPress-assisted website
  • Learn the concept of localhosting and install a local website on your personal space
  • Learn how to work with WordPress environment and get familiar with this CMS dashboard
  • Learn how to set up a live website with cPanel
  • Learn about the concept of content and how to deliver content in WordPress
  • Learn how to install and use a variety of plugins
  • And…

WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners Course Profile: Build Your Own Website:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Master It
  • Level: Introductory to Intermediate
  • Duration: 07:20:25
  • Number of lessons: 93 lessons
  • English language

WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners course titles: Build Your Own Website:

Course content
93 lectures 07:20:25

2 lectures 06:50

Localhosting your WordPress site
12 lectures 01:02:08

Troubleshooting Localhosting
9 lectures 30:57

Installing WP Online
3 lectures 22:04

Welcome to WP!
3 lectures 20:50

WP Basic Settings
7 lectures 29:26

Content Creation
8 lectures 35:27

The Visual Editor
4 lectures 13:23

Basic Customization
8 lectures 40:38

Plugins Overview
3 lectures 13:28

Recommended Plugins
6 lectures 25:12

Introduction to Page Speed
2 lectures 08:21

Speed ​​Testing Tools
5 lectures 29:04

Speed: Other Methods
2 lectures 20:32

Site Security
15 lectures 01:11:28

Identify A Hacked Site
3 lectures 09:05

Bonus Lectures
1 lecture 01:42


  • No prior knowledge required – this course is designed with beginners in mind.
  • Internet connection is required.


WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners: Build Your Own Website

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