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The Full Stack Web Development is the title of a video development and programming tutorial in the web directory. Your course as a comprehensive course will cover the most important topics in web design and programming. You will also carry more than 40 real projects while watching this video course. This way you will gain highly functional and effective skills. It should be noted that all the topics presented include the latest and most up-to-date technologies available around the world.

You will learn Frontend programming languages ​​such as HMTL5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery by watching this course. On the other hand, you\\\’ll also learn Backend programming languages ​​like Node.js, Meteor.js, Angular 2, PHP, Ruby on Rails. You will also learn about other essential technologies such as Memcached, Redis, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr.

The Full Stack Web Development course features:

  • Introduction to sql and nosql databases
  • Learn the Web Development Process Completely
  • Learn the latest concepts and skills in web programming
  • Learn Frontend and Backend programming languages
  • Learn the essential technologies such as Apache Lucene, Apache and more
  • Learn PHP programming language and how to use it
  • And…

Course Specifications The Full Stack Web Development:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Eduonix Learning Solutions, Eduonix-Tech., Samy Eduonix
  • Level: Introductory to Intermediate
  • Duration: 33:10:20
  • Number of lessons: 208 lessons
  • English language

The Full Stack Web Development course headings:

Course content
208 lectures 33:10:20

Course Introduction
1 lecture 09:34

Basic HTML Programming
6 lectures 01:05:27

HTML5 Programming
9 lectures 01:11:59

Styling with CSS3
9 lectures 01:40:17

Twitter Bootstrap Programming
11 lectures 02:02:11

Basic JavaScript Concepts
7 lectures 01:44:02

jQuery Programming Techniques
7 lectures 01:31:01

Backend programming with Node.js
12 lectures 02:30:19

App Development with Meteor.js
8 lectures 59:30

App Development with Angular
10 lectures 01:53:09

Backend Programming with PHP
22 lectures 04:22:59

Backend Programming with Ruby On Rails
11 lectures 01:37:46

Datbase Design using MySQL
10 lectures 01:25:31

Database design using PostgreSQL
9 lectures 01:11:43

MongoDB – Learning NoSQL Database Design
12 lectures 01:56:14

Learning CouchDB
8 lectures 50:00

Redis – The Cache Database
12 lectures 01:30:51

Learning Caching Using Memcached
6 lectures 48:22

Markdown- The formatting markup language
4 lectures 28:51

Sass – The CSS Preprocessor
8 lectures 01:09:15

Git & Version Control
6 lectures 39:13

Task Runners – Grunt and Gulp
7 lectures 45:38

Chrome Developer Tools
6 lectures 48:19

PHP Errors, Debugging & Config
5 lectures 41:20

Summary Course
2 lectures 06:57


  • Basic Knowledge of Programming will help but is not necessary as this course will start from the basics


The Full Stack Web Development

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