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AutoForm Engineering GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of automotive accessories and the metal and metal parts industry. The Swedish-based company started its work with global goals and helping the automotive industry worldwide. That is, AutoForm includes a variety of modules that work either independently or seamlessly with CATIA or NX software.

AutoForm has targeted different parts of the plating industry with its various solutions. Companies that are working on piece production or mold making can use this software, the sheet metal industry is a chain of business processes such as product design, mapping, shaping, manufacturing, etc. This program provides solutions for all of them. proposed. The core of the AutoForm is a sheet metal simulation technology. The various solutions provided by AutoForm make the input information feasible during different phases, for example during the product design and mapping process the information required is limited to the geometry of the components, material thickness and mechanical properties as well as to the production and production phases. The size of the steps will be the same, so we will be able to reduce the risk of doing a great job by breaking into smaller phases and initially assessing whether the project will be feasible.

AutoForm Features and Features:

  • Modeling vertebrae, vertebrae height, vertebral radius and groove, etc.
  • Provides extensive parameters for customization
  • Combining the Hamming Process with a nice UI
  • Proper design environment
  • Simulation of different stages of metal forming
  • Design of optimal cutting lines
  • Analysis and optimization of component structure
  • Optimizing the production chain of components during predefined phases

required system




Installation guide

Available in separate text files for Windows and Linux in the Crack folder.

To install the latest update, the Windows version needs to have the base version installed, but the Linux version is standalone and does not need the base version.

download link

AutoForm ^ Plus R7

Download part 1 – 1 GB

Download part 2 – 1 GB

Download part 3 – 948 MB

Download AutoForm ^ Plus R7.0.6.2 Update Only x64

Download AutoForm ^ Plus R7.0.6.2 Linux64

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