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The Master Hibernate and JPA with Spring Boot in 100 Steps course helps you to get acquainted with the Hibernate and JPA frameworks in Java with the help of Spring and Spring Boot. Hibernate is the most popular Java ORM framework and today almost all Java programming projects use JPA and Hibernate alongside Spring Boot. If you also want to learn how to use these frameworks and get to know Entity, Relationships, JPQL, local queries, inheritance hierarchies, exchange management, and performance tuning then be sure to watch this course.

JPA provides an API for Java developers that makes it easy to map objects and relational data. In this course, you will become familiar with this API and learn how to run ORM with JPA and Hibernate. The tutor also explains how to write data queries using JPQL and the Criteria API, and discusses how to use Spring Boot starters. Cache storage methods Working with Spring Data REST are other topics in this course.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Learn the basics of JPA, Hibernate and Entities
  • Teaching data query methods using JPA, Hibernate, JPQL, Criteria API and Native Queries
  • Familiarity with JPA and Hibernate single or multiple relationships
  • Use Spring Boot and Starter Data Jpa and Starter Test starters
  • Learn how to set up a JPA application with Hibernate – Solve N + 1 Queries
  • Step 1 and 2 cache training with EhCache
  • Introduction to Spring Data JPA and Spring Data REST

Course Specifications Master Hibernate and JPA with Spring Boot in 100 Steps:

  • English language
  • Duration: 13 hours and 2 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 152
  • Instructor: in28Minutes Official
  • File format: mp4

Course headings:

7 lectures

Introduction to Spring Boot in 10 Steps
12 lectures

Journey from JDBC Spring to JPA
19 lectures

Introduction to JUnit in 5 Steps
6 lectures

JPA and Hibernate in Depth
21 lectures

Establishing Relationships with JPA and Hibernate – OneToOne
9 lectures

Let\\\’s review with a few FAQs about Hibernate and JPA
4 lectures

Establishing Relationships with JPA and Hibernate – OneToMany and ManyToMany
13 lectures

Inheritance Hierarchies with JPA and Hibernate
8 lectures

Queries with Entities using JPQL
4 lectures

Queries using Java API – Criteria Queries
4 lectures

Transaction Management
6 lectures

JPA Spring Data & Spring Data REST
7 lectures

Caching with Hibernate & JPA
4 lectures

Hibernate & JPA Tips
7 lectures

Performance Tuning Tips with Hibernate & JPA
5 lectures

Few more FAQ
3 lectures

2 lectures

Appendix – Introduction to Spring Framework in 10 Steps
11 lectures

Prerequisites Master Hibernate and JPA with Spring Boot in 100 Steps course

  • You have an attitude to learn while having fun
  • You have programming experience with Java
  • We will help you get started with Spring and Spring Boot


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